Hardest puncher at Welterweight?

I have to go with Paul Daley with Ellenberger at a close second. Phone Post

Ellenberger or Hendricks

  1. Paul Daley
    2. Rumble Johnson Phone Post

Ellenberger for 1 round. Phone Post

^^^lol @ for one round. Worries me if he can't put Diego away. Phone Post

Confided - 1. Paul Daley
2. Rumble Johnson Phone Post

I agree. And I think Daley could take Diaz out in a rematch. He under estimated Diaz and what Diaz brings to the table. It wasn't that Diaz punches hard. It was a combination of Diaz ability to take a punch, reach, and volume punches that took Daley out of his element. Phone Post

Daley if we talking left hook, Ellenberger if we talking right hand

Does Marquardt count? Phone Post

Kevin, no doubt Marquardt was one of the hardest hitters at Middleweight, but has he fought at Welterweight yet? Phone Post

Devereaux - Ellenberger or Hendricks

Yessir Phone Post

Daley. Lima. Rumble. Phone Post

Daley, Rumble then Baroni Phone Post

Actually i wanted to quote EvilEye who said Gomi, he wasnt the most technical but damn he had some power in his hands

No love for Alves?

Thiago absolutely has some of the hardest leg kicks in the division....but punching I dont think so. Phone Post

I'd definitely give Ellenberger and Hendricks an edge over Daley. Phone Post