Hardest Puncher in MMA

In your opinion, who is the hardest puncher in MMA? (Don't bring up kicks.....punching power only here).


P4P Jens Pulver!

Josh Neer just took that title from NAA

Let's try and keep pound-for-pound to a minimum. We're talking about who throws the biggest bombs....period.

Nobody punches as hard as Fedor and Cro Cop.

Actually, Fujita and Babalu have both said that Fedor's punches aren't that hard standing up.

I don't see why you are laughing at Arlovski being mentioned, Chuck@Ny. Vlady had never been KO'ed before, and had taken some shots from some hard hitters, and Arlovski floored him.

Cabbage took lots of punishment from Sylvia, but against Andrei he got rocked on his feet several times and finally drop for the TKO. Andrei definately has heavy hands.

I can't imagine Fujita saying that.....a one, two and he was on his knees...then laid there for a few minutes after it was over.

Lee Murray


Igor, Fedor, KID

Silva should at least get a mention. He doesnt swing as wildly as Chuck.

Igor, telligman and the younger Tank Abbott. I just watched the Pride 13 DVD where Telligman beat Igor. Telligman has some guns for a "lighter" guy (220lbs). (oh ya, forgot Mike tyson)

lol @ Charles

I would say Fedor

Rizzo, Igor, Fedor, Sylvia, Arlovski, Tank.

IIRC from an old interview, Herring said Fedor hits harder than Igor. He also said "I can tell you all day how hard Igor hits, but when you get hit by him, you'll go 'holy shit'."

Jeremy Bullock

Rampage drops some bombs, especially on the ground. He seems to be extremely heavy-handed.

Yeah, obesedaryl,

Does Heath say that about Igor or Fedor? Also, do you recall where that interview can be found? That would be an interesting read.

Also, Sadyv, I still would like to know where the interview is that Fujita says that Fedor doesn't hit that hard. I have to see it to believe it.