Hardest type of guy to sweep?

Which types of guys (in terms of non-bjj experience or style of grappling) do you guys find the most difficult to sweep?

Looking over my own experiences, those of others, as well as reading through posts in the Underground forum, over the last few months, I've come to the conclusion that there are two sets of individuals that usually tend to have the best base (in terms of balance, positioning, and ability to make the guy underneath feel their weight and make it difficult for the guy underneat to sweep them) are Wrestlers and Judokas. Does everyone agree with me?

If so, which of the two do you find more difficult to sweep? Where would you rate each on a scale of 1 to 10?

Note, I am talking about people who were at least decent practitioners of their respective arts, not some guy who wrestled for one season in high school or some kid who took Judo over one summer when he was 10.

Share you wisdom and experience with me please guys!

To me wrestlers are the hardest to sweep. Thats why I dont really work the sweep on wrestlers, instead I try to take the back.

LittleC has just swept the correct.

Wrestlers are harder to sweep IMO.

Umm... you mentioned that the wrestlers and judoka are the hardest to sweep...

That being said leaves us to bring out the real truth... chess players are. Or maybe scubadivers.... Or maybe TKD players...

The questions was: out of all four-legged animals which are most comfortable to ride... I think horse and camel...

There was a guy who does... I think it's called combat tai chi or something in class yesterday. I didn't roll w/ him, but those that did said his base was insane. I kinda wish we'd gotten to work so I could see what he was doing. He's not that big, but a lot of guys have trouble taking him down. I know someone who used to train with him and her base is sick too. It's tough to say better or worse, but certainly their base is different than any wrestler's I've seen.


You guys, can you rate on a scale of 1 to 10 how hard you find sweeping wrestlers and Judokas, each respectively?

In IMHO, if I were to rate people coming from a "pure" BJJ background, Judokas, and Wrestlers on a scale of 1 to 10, in terms of how hard I find to sweep them, it would look like the following:

BJJers: 5
Judokas: 7
Wrestlers: 10

What do you guys think?

P.S. This is not one of those "which style is the best" threads...I'm just doing a bit of informal research regarding the attributes developed by various arts and the training practices of their practitioners in order to adopt certain drill, exercises, training conditions, rules under which to compete/train, etc., for the optimal development of certain attributes and skills for myself and for some of my "students".

Jukoka I have found a generally much easier to sweep than jiu-jitsu guys and wrestlers.

Could anyone else who has rolled with both Judokas and Wrestlers give me some assessments based off of your experiences?

I am the hardest guy to sweep. 320lbs Jiu Jitsu fighter.

I don't think it's very easy to sweep a big fat guy.

I agree that it's quite difficult to sweep big fat guys.


Its all a matter of mat time. You give anybody enough time rolling and they are going to develop good balance on the ground and be difficult to sweep. IMO wrestlers have this the most because they do so much actual grappling. Judoka are highly variable because some train very hard for competition and others take the hobby approach and maybe don't do a lot of ground sparring.

I love it when people say wrestlers hold down with strength.  Wrestlers can be just as technical in their own sport as bjj guys.  Its all a matter of experience and personal attributes.

Jorz set us up the bomb.

In terms of 'resistance' to the sweep it's my experience that wrestlers are harder to sweep because of their gravitation towards explosiveness in defense, and their ability to instantly sink their base low and stable, even if it means exposing their arms or position in the process.

A Judoka won't expose his arms and neck so much because he rolls with a gi a lot, he gets choked and armbarred from that training, but it's my opinion that bjj as a whole has a much more alive and evolving guard game and much of that is in all the slight variations of position there are to examine and see examples of ways to use them to your advantage. Just look at the list of variations between guard and half guard, it's crazy now.

I've noticed the classic wrestler is not as prepared to deal with climbing the hips while keeping 'connected' (no space along your path for them to use) , but are quick to try and stack you in defense of bad arm position. Driving weight that can be pendulum (flower) swept, but that's a future thriller.

Back on track, wrestlers that are new to jitz are more apt at being armbarred because of how they are 'sprawling out' in defense. Although creating a more stable position, space is created that is used against them. Of coarse if strikes we allowed, these core mechanics I believe are much more useful as a futuristic launching platform of doom.

It seems to me they initially counter 'setups' with explosive defense, but catch on quickly to the passing game, especially the concept of 'hip-switches'.

Just thoughts not a commentator.


I'm surprised no one said BJJers are the hardest to sweep. To me, this is pretty obvious, BJJers are the ones who spend the most of their time practicing defending sweeps from the guard.

I think some people see an experienced wrestler or judoka with no BJJ experience come train and of course he is hard to sweep, and somewhat easier to take the back or sub. But is he harder to sweep than an equally experienced/athletic BJJer who prefers the top game? nah.

Who do you think is harder to sweep, Sperry or Kevin Randleman?

No actually I am saying that given more mat experience wrestlers can be harder to sweep than bjj guys. Its all relative but the wrester's aversion to being put on his back makes him very hard to turn over.

Sperry or Kevin Randleman?


Sperry has the confidence and technical ability to get out of a bad position and he could get back into a half guard/full guard.

Randleman is hard wired to NEVER go to his back. While there are a million techniques in bjj and the principles of dominant position. there is simply one thing in wrestling and it's polar opposite.

Don't go to your back/Get him flipped over.

Has Randleman ever been swept in a MMA match? Sperry has been.

when was sperry swept in a mma match?