Hardest worker in MMA?

 Who do you think is the hardest worker in MMA? Who is known for going that extra mile in training, practically lives in the gym, and has a diet that rivals god himself?

 Even though I'm not a fan the first name that comes to mind is Sean Sherk

 Judging from what I've heard and see, I'd say Sean Sherk as well. Everyone talks about how hard of a worker Forrest Griffin is.


Doesnt go out and party/drink, trains religiously, its like pulling teeth to even get him to go out to lunch, etc...

Insane work ethic!

 cole and micah miller

Sean Sherk

Sherk was the first name that came to my mind as well.

 Rich Franklin.

Nick Alman.


 My 2nd choice is Crooklyn!  Don't ask me how I know. :)

As far as diet, Luke Cummo perhaps?

Dave Herman


marcus "the wrecking ball " hicks ....doesnt drink , doesnt party even after fights ! hes fighting champion jamie varner for the wec title in august . hes lived a monk like existence for about 6 years . hes the kinda fighter that u gotta unplug his engine cause hell overwork himself .

in my opinion , its impossible to work any harder on a day in day out basis than marcus has done for years .

 JB is a douche

Hardest worker in mma?


The cannon-


end of thread

 I wish people would shut the fuck up with this "Sean Sherk is a cheater" bullshit.

Must have been the all access, or maybe just maybe its from watching him fight. You guys should try it, its kinda neat to actually watch the fights instead of waiting until they are one Youtube and skipping to the end.

I hear Jason Day is a pretty hard working guy. And it doesn't hurt his cause that he's still building houses all day before training.

 just remembered that Nick Diaz competes in triathlons.. that takes some pretty damn hard work

 Tamura had the hard hitting work thing down to a science.