Hardy wants to reconcile with Dana / UFC


“I love the UFC,” Hardy told Submission Radio. “I always will. I’ll always be a huge fan of the UFC, and it’s been a big part of my career and a big part of my life, and I owe a lot to this place that I’m in right now, sitting talking to you guys, and I’m forever thankful for that. And I have nothing against the UFC or Dana or anything like that. Of course, if they called me up and they’re like, ‘Hey! Parachute in on a Union Jack flag for (UFC) 261,’ I’d be there in a heartbeat.

“It’s just a weird place, because I just kind of don’t know exactly what’s happened. And my concern is that Dana’s got a perspective of the situation that’s not true, and that’s what concerns me more than anything. Like, I could not sit octagon-side ever again, as long as Dana doesn’t have this misconception of who I am. Because that would really frustrate me.”

![Report: Dan Hardy fired by UFC and BT Sport over Fight Island incident - MMAmania.com](upload://mZW4vAdZITFK9btnoYvPOzndSoj.jpeg)

HE was warned after the initial incident with herb to watch it. HE still a acted like a hot head and was yelling/aruging with the guys wife later on. 

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![With rare heart condition, Dan Hardy notes his fighting future is out of his hands - MMA Fighting](upload://cenzQXfSHYvJfVxGcEGqGwCri68.jpeg)


Hard to know whether he was truly out of line or not without much details to the story.

He definitely crossed a line with the whole Herb Dean stoppage incident and never seemed to own it. Made excuses time after time so not surprised with the end result.


He seems like a big liability



No thx 

Dana made it clear that ANYONE did that to any Ref, judge or UFC employee again, they were gone, no matter who they were... Dana kept his word it seems


From what he said it sounds like he blew up on a UFC employee and did it in front of other people. When he says, "I just kind of don’t know exactly what’s happened" he probably means he doesn't know who ratted him out to someone in a position to shitcan him. I've always liked him and Gooden as a team. Too bad it didn't work out for him.

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Hardy talks way too much when he’s announcing. I’m not sad I won’t have to listen to him


Hardy reminds me of a younger version of myself regarding how to deal with coorperate higher ups. 

For example I know I was right about something even in hindsight, but only in hindsight did I realize there was a time and place for me to bring up what I did, but most importantly the tone in which I brought stuff up was my error.

Hardy probably feels he was morally right, but is probably just now realizing he went about it the wrong way.

The specifics of my situation was I was working at a call center and instead of staying on hold with a customer to “warm transfer” them to the department that could help them out, I instead “cold transferred” them and my logic for that was, if we have a lot of people in the queue, instead of waiting for a few minutes not being able to say anything to the customer b/c it wasn’t my area to help them, I could instead use that holding time to take another call and speak to someone I could help with.

I spoke out of frustration and probably hinted that management wasn’t smart enough to see my logic would help the company, so I didn’t get a bonus that month but 2 months later, they changed the rules so that people dn’t have to stay on hold they can just cold transfer which was exactly what I did before the rule was in place.

I would have rather been quiet and got paid than be right and dinged.


Dana is great at forgiveness. 

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He sounds like one of those anti-authority idiots all over YouTube that challenge anything and everything begging cops to arrest them until the cops do arrest them, after which they’re all “ok, ok, I’m leaving! I’m doing what you asked!”

Too late!


Cliffs on what he did to herb?

Its one thing to tweet about shit, dont get in someones face and yell shit and talk shit to their wife.

Bring back Jimmy Smith in his place. Toward the end of his run I like Jimmy more than rogaine

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anonymousone - 

Cliffs on what he did to herb?

They’re talking about yelling “stop the fight” in the middle of a fight months ago, then getting in Herb’s face and telling him to do his job etc between fights. Dana said he talked to Dan about it after, it won’t be tolerated, anyone talking to officials or UFC employees like that will be gone.

Sounds like another incident happened, but there haven’t been many details that I’ve seen around that one. The rumor was that Hardy got into an argument with Herb’s wife, but I haven’t seen that confirmed.

Hardy said there was a disagreement with a UFC employee, and he makes it sound like it was minor, but based on him being fired, it doesn’t sound minor. Guessing he considers his run in with Herb to be minor, and nobody else does.

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