harlan taylor royce gracie black belt?

I have a buddy getting into bjj and his instructor is harlan taylor. he says he got his BB from royce. Has anyone heard or know anything about him?
Is he legit?

Hes legit, I think hes Rob Kahns best friend from college


I wouldn't trust anybody named Harlan.

My best friend from college is Jon Burke, not harlan taylor. harlan is legit though

alittleknowledge - I wouldn't trust anybody named Harlan.

What's wrong with the name Harlan?

i thought i was rob kahns best friend ;(

you are my second best friend

 ^ I laughed


 I thought I was Rob Kahn's best friend...?

i am rob's best friend. i know so because i have over 5693 voice mails saved in his inbox and we bought our first teva sandals together. i was able to kick the habit though.


if its the harlan in south florida or jupiter or something like that hes legits. ive trained with him and was there when royce gave him his black belt. it happened at the gracie orlando academy.

hes solid and has a very nice guard. hes a decent teacher too.

Yes, Harlan Taylor is legit. I know him personally. He did get his BB from Royce, and teaches in the Port St. Lucie, FL area.