Harlem Heat: "N*gger" Quote...

I remember someone promised to post this great sound bite when the Pro Wrestling Forum first opened.

Is there any chance of anyone trying it again?

I sent my tape of that ppv to T0ki so he could post it, but it didn't work.

Oh, so that's what happened. Thanks anyways.

What was the quote??

Booker T called Hulk Hogan a nigger. I haven't seen the clip but I read the posts here.

"Hulk Hogan, we comin' for you nigga!"

The audio can't do that clip justice.

Just as he says it, Booker T has this "what they hell am I saying" look on his face. And when he blurts it out, his brother has a look of confusion on his face for about half a second before he has to stifle his laughter.

Ummm... isn't Hogan WHITE?! LMAO!

What PPV did that happen at?

LMMFAO!!!!! What event?!?!?! This is a MUST see!!!

spring stampede i think

Hogan is orange not black, silly Booker.


LOL again!!!

lol @ Floppy

It's friggin classic without even getting to hear or see it!!! lol, I hope I can some day view this hilarious footage!!! :)


Hmmmm, what was posted before that edit??????

The look on everyone's faces is what made it so memorable. lol

Sherry trying not to laugh. Booker turning around away from the camera...lol