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SBGi Vice President, East Coast Regional Director, and 2003 North American Grappling Association's Instructor of the Year, Luis Gutierrez brings you the first in a series of sets on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu dedicated to innovation and the technical pursuit and practice of the art.

DVD 1 - Covers the Harness and all it entails. More than a position of control, the Harness is a dynamic go to point of transition that has become part and parcel of the SBGi approach to attacking the back and an entire style of game for many who in jest now call themselves "harnies". From grips to cinching to attaining the Harness while in transition between common positions and finishing with a myriad of submissions, both common and unorthodox, this DVD will certainly grant you a solid Harness game.

DVD 2 - Covers the Chin Strap and its dynamic cycle of escapes, sweeps and turn over possibilities as well as a few surprise finishes as well. This great lever and back up handle was initially developed from concepts using the kimono but has now come into its own as a high percentage mechanism to off set your opponent's weight and pressure and grant you amazing sweeps and turn overs. Also included in this DVD is a bonus section covering the extremely innovative guard versus guard game of passes created by Luis and now commonly pulled by his kid and adult teams in competition. The V and X passes will certainly surprise your opponents for quite some time!

Luis also demonstrates and explains his own training and coaching approach that is built around none attribute based techniques and a fluid dynamic play of movement. Tempo grappling and flow rolling is addressed and its emphasis on coaches monitoring and setting the pace of training through pressure and position is highlighted in both clips and interview format.

This set will surely revolutionize your current game by highlighting both a top game that is built on getting to the back and a bottom game built on directly sweeping your opponent off their intent and attempts to pass your guard. Add to these unique approaches transition oriented submissions like the "drop guillotine" and "one arm chokes" and you may actually witness something new under the sun.




I speak from experience when I say that what Luis and his guys have innovated is some of the best stuff out there right now. I have usedit, my own guys have used it, and I have had it used on me. This is great stuff and Luis' ability to impart his knowledge onto others is second to none. Go get these DVDs now. I promise you won't be disappointed.


Oh no you didn't!

You did not put that stuff on video!

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I hate you.

This stuff rocks. I was hoping to keep it a secret a little longer though.

ttt for Luis giving up the good stuff.

Luis, I am correct interpreting that disc 2 shows counters to techniques from disc 1 (specifically, how to get someone off your back)?


Disc two shows a game used primarily for turn overs and a section on unique guard passes. It contains footage on slow flow (tempo) rolling and tie in to the first disc in terms of heading towards the Harness as soon as the sweeps are hit.

Disc one itself explains and demonstrates the Harness game, a few counter to counter applications and the concepts behind it. The counters are shown in the negative or in other words in how to avoid them.




Thanks for the support guys!


No, thank you for the quality instruction!

Is the material on these dvd's geared towards gi or no gi grappling?

It is all taught no-gi and I always make references or show options for gi.





Awesome stuff

Luis taught a seminar in Mass in May, it was outstanding. Great material, easily applied. Your BJJ skills will improve tremendously.


TTT for some awesome dvd's





Thanks Andrew.