Harris BJJ101 sale 10.95

"7. Right now, there is a crazy sale on BJJ 101 DVD. It is on sale for $10.95. It will be on sale until next Monday, May 17. Order it NOW while you have the chance!"Get it. It's good.

what the hell is wrong with their check out. i can input my info. but when i hit the continue button nothing happens.



I was working on talking my instructor into driving down to San Diego for Roy's sale at the school, but now... Sweet.


Damn good price, I thought I got a good deal when I bought mine for $25.

Good price; think I'll order myself a copy!!!

Am I right in thinking that this the first one only (i.e. escapes) and not including the other 2 volumes?


Beev, that's correct. It's only vol 1. Vol 2 and 3 are not on DVD. Even if you already have the tape for Vol 1, at this price it's worth it to get the DVD. The DVD has a lot of extras not on the original tape.

for some reason i can't check out again.is anyone having the same problem. i guess i'll try and call later today and order it


Just picked one up. Sweet price.

SICK! Done deal. I've been wanting some material from this guy for a while...good lookin' out my friend!