HArrisburg Judo Kai....

anyone know of or train/trained there or with the ppl in the past? i am in PA now since relocating from NYC due to personal issues (pop dying is a major one).

i figured i would try to get in the judo game a little more and stand up aspect than the average BJJ teaches,,,as a bluebelt i am pretty confident n well rounded with the ground game to a certain degree anyway.

Aslo i like their schedule of 3 times a week ( think i will shoot for 2x a week) since my mom has my nephew with her . He has activities after school which is kinda blocking me from doing what i want to do. anyway any info or familiarity with this from those in the know.

i didnt know it but i was reading a city mag and it mentioned it was the number 1 YMCA affiliated club in the nation??! damn! i gotta a lil judo training but honeslty i think i am going to get killed there.


btw the instructors name is Mike Brown 5th degree BB and he holds 11 umm...batuibak titles ?(whatever that is- must be something badass)

idunno him. maybe somebody else here does though.

thanks JR :)

I looked up the club on the USJA site and it listed the instructor as Sensei Michael L. Stone Godan.

thanks wiseguy :)

I trained there a few times before i even went to college and wrestled and boxed at Lock Haven University. Obviously before UFC and IFL also but i was remember Mike Stone as being a bad dude about 10 yrs ago. He has lots of knowledge in Judo world and is a really big guy.

Tell him Mike Ciesnolevicz (says-no-lev-itch) says whats up. My dads name is Mike also..he should remember us both.

Check out Kanokoshi Judo in Hbg. as well for another club..........

will do MIKE :) hahah

thanks gordinho :)

I got to practice there once, when my first judo instructor out in altoona traveled down there to be considered for grading in usja ju-jitsu, since the instructor there was high enough to do that. They had a huge ammount of people when I was there, and it was a good practice. Maybe 50 people on the mat. Not being from a large city, that's a lot to me. This was like 5 years ago, so I was only there once and a long time ago.