Harrisonburg VA??

In town on business and saw there are mma fights here the 19th. who is outting these on. Any fellow UGers here??

 MMA in Harrisonburg?

I've never heard of them having events there. TTT for details

i know Valley Chute Boxe is in Harrisonburg. The Baker Bros, Kyle and Beau run the school and are both accomplished fighters and great wrestlers. Don't know if they have anything to do with the event but I would imagine they are fighting in it.

LOL, I went to college there and there was nothing MMA related when I was there. I do have a buddy in Radford, VA that is a Renzo black belt and they go to fights in Roanoke a lot. I think he trains with the Bakers occasionally.




Kyle and Beau are teamates of mine. I train in Winchester, VA at MMA Institute (Kore Kombat). The GFC is also being held on the 19th in Winchester (which is about 50 minutes north of Harrisonburg).

If you're in town, Kyle and Beau would be great to train with. Once at team training in Richmond, Kyle hit me with a body shot that made me wanna cry LOL and Beau - well, I don't remember getting out of his mount. Both are accomplished and great training partners. They're also great coaches.

 I went to an event there back in November.  Two guys from my school fought in it and won.  Don't know if it's being put on by the same promotion but it was very well run and an overall good time.

valley fight league


chick is fighting on there Krissy Barrett
shes a force in ammy, but hasnt run into any sub wizards yet... tough chick. i think shes 3-0 or 4-0...something like that

thanks all