Harry Potter...looks good


i love the Harry Potter movies but i just cant bring myself to read a book.

this one looks great.

i thought The Order of The Pheonix was supposed to be the last one?

read the books damnit

are there audio books?


Can I read them on the internet?

"Harry Potter...looks good."

personally, I'm looking @ Hermoine but its cool Bro.

I dont judge.


listen i know Jiu-Jitsu, PERSONALLY.

i met him once.

dont mess with me.

I have read all the books at least twice. Own all the dvds in a collectable hogwarts case. That movie preview is bad ass. Can't wait to see it. I am going to one of those guys waiting in line for hours to see it first.

Yeah I am dork!! Wanna wrestle!!!


lol @ Rob

sounds like the character Sal Mandini (Ready to Rumble) "WANNA WRESTLE!!!?"

nothing wrong with reading Harry Potter, hell at least you're reading sumthin! one of these days I will see what all the Potter fuss is about.

Dude I read, like I was a ice addict. I would stay up all night. My life was in shambles whenever I read Harry Potter. nah it wasn't , but I would read the books in like two days. They are that good.

Rob (The King) Hesia

ps thats my Ready to Rumble nick-name dubbed by TheAlchemist

order of the phoenix was done in 2 nights too. all the way to japan, in the car/train, between bonks of doom.

oh brutha. :(

 audio books, i love those.  still i only can follow picture books or better yet pop-ups. 

i love em too!


best audiobook/book ever

your next book (recommended by my Son and read by me)

The Lightning Thief.

book 2 is "Sea of Monsters" which is never in the library so I may be forced to buy it.

thank me later.

Dragon Lance audio books are great.

everyone loves being read a story.

dragonlance? jeebus man, i read that in 1986 or so. holy archaic junk. if you're gonna go w/ that full on genre, then the original shannara series (sword, elfstone, wishsong), and OF COURSE, feist's magician apprentice n master--and the the rest of the 4. goddamn good shit.

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