Hart Dungeon

Just out interest I see in documentaries and stuff that Stu Hart was a 'shooter' or at least trained by shooters.

My question is does anybody know how much of waht went/goes on in the 'the dungeon' is actually realistic shooting as could be directly applied in a real match?
As opposed to purely pro-wrsetling type technique.

Most of the guys that have come out of there have been great performers and usually have a few good submissions in their arsenal.
How many of those guys could take it out of the ring and hang on the mat?

"what went on was, stu would take advantage of the guys allowing him to put a move on them, and then he would crank the fuck out of it, when they were in the move, and couldn't fight back."

i think this is pretty much correct, but doesn't explain anything about guys like Benoit and Pillman coming out of the dungeon and not bad mouthing the shit out of Stu...yes we know respect and all that but it's the non-sucessfull that talk shit.

I think there's a big diff. between stretching and shooting. That is just the way that Stu was to him getting stretched was part of your training. Honestly if you can't take getting stretched in the gym you may want to stay away from the ring where real injuries and bad stuff happen.

LOL and the stretching stuff was nothing Stu didn't do to his own kids all the time. He trained a lot of good guys I think the results speak for themselves.

Honestly you have to compare that sort of dojo pain to the kind that a poor guy like Giant Ochiai went through when he died training (RIP). I would rather Stu put a hold on me that he had done a million times and just make it hurt really bad than have some guy smarten me up to the point that I died. Obviously LOL. Actually I do not want either of those things that much!!

From: kicksubsuplex

"Honestly you have to compare that sort of dojo pain to the kind that a poor guy like Giant Ochiai went through when he died training (RIP)."

what happened there???

Bench Ochiai was training in with (at the time) WJ pro wrestler Kenzo Suzuki in puroresu after doing shoot and worked shoot matches. Nobody has said what happen exactly but Ochiai fell into a coma due to a brain injury while training. At the time it was VERY strongly rumored that Suzuki had got upset at Ochiai and decided to smarten him up by getting stiff with him. Any way I guess he got too stiff because Ochiai died. Suzuki was basically kicked out of the puro scene and went to the US after.

Really sad too because honestly Ochiai was starting to get it together okay in Pride's "Tbe Best" show and had some KO wins.

interesting, thanks for the info kicksubsuplex.