hart foundation 2.0 in AAA (mexico)

 teddy hart and jack evan are tearing it up!!!!


just saw them vs juventud and i think it was crazy boy? (mexican powers)


fucking badass match!!!!!

 galavision 3 times a week show 3 hrs of AAA

 usualy like 3pm sat


3 am and 4pm sun


ch 404 on directv



 this week is as follows on 404 directv,

4 pm sat

3am sun

sun afternoon is ? its usually like between 2-4 pm

4pm Saturday will conflict with Euro 2008 games, I may have to catch the 3am showing though

 main event this week!

I caught this today ( Triplemania? ) and was wondering if anyone here saw it.

I'm not sure if it was these guys that were involved in the match but one dude who I think was Jack Evans took the most horrible looking botched piledriver I had ever seen in my life. Way worse than what Austin took from Owen IMO.

The mexican guy that delivered the piledriver, instead of grabbing around the guys waist that is going to be piledrived, instead reached around and grabbed behind the guys knees and then he scooped him up into a cradle like position, took a few steps into a running start, jumped and spiked the guy right on top of his head.

It was obvious that the guy was KO'd and hurt bad. His hands folded up like a person who is paralyzed. It was fucking terrible.

Instead of getting him some help, it was shown a few times on replay and some jackasses stormed the ring.

 fuck i hope jack is okay