Has a little guy ever won by G&P?

Has a smaller fighter ever beat a larger opponent by G&P? If so, please cite example.

Royce/Pat Smith

Takase VS Yarborough

Randy vs Tito

Mark Schultz vs Gary Goodridge, Don Frye vs Sam Adkins, Vladdy vs Travis Wiuf.

Mark Hall beat Harold Howard's mullet bloody in UFC 7.

weight difference of at least 25 lbs. there.

I see a few examples (ex. randy & tito) of guys of about equal size. I guess my question probably applies to the early fights since there were larger weight differences.

My reason for asking is that I'm reading "Mastering Jujitsu" and it says that the keys for a sucessful G&P mainly rely on superior athletisism and considerable strength, making it very hard for a small guy to use this strategy. just looking for examples.




I'm not sure if Kerr v Varleans and Coleman v Morias really count as a counter examples as they are both friggn monsters. I'd bet half a doughnut that Kerr was a hell of a lot stronger than the Polar Bear also.

The problem with disproving that supposition is that smaller guys generally did not fight during the infancy of MMA in America. Now that they are fighting, it is only against like sized people.

good points Poz.

Takanori Gomi

Randy Couture vs. that big fuckin polish guy who claimed to have balls of steel or the black guy he defeated in the finals of that same tournament. Wasn't much of a pounding but basically the same theory.

Hughes could GNP some of the heavies IMO.

Smaller JJ guys generally aren't about to beat larger guys anymore either, skill levels are starting to even out, and since athleticism has become more important, one must remember that SIZE is a big part of athleticism (ie. Lennox Lewis is mroe athletic than Roy Jones Jr. if boxing didn't have weight classes).

Vlady beat some HWs that were larger than him as well (as Vlady is really a LHW).

couture vs tony halme and couture vs steve graham are the ones you're thinking of

I remember seeing some little guy knock out a big guy on the bad breed #4 dvd I think.

Those are the guys I was thinking of. Whatr ever happened to Graham? He looked like he could go places in this sport, he ever continue fighting?

rickson by armbar 3:16

Rhodes vs. Levicki UFC 2