Has a little guy ever won by G&P?

"Whatr ever happened to Graham? He looked like he could go places in this sport, he ever continue fighting?"

He was supposed to have a spot in the UFC 15 heavyweight tourny but dropped out with an injury and was replaced by the infamous Ranger Stott. As far as I know, that's the last anyone ever heard of him.

Couture choked out Halme, he didn't win by GNP.

It´s really hard to answer this question though, because since GnP became more refined and used more effectively, there have been weightclasses, so you don´t really see that much GnP between big guys and small guys.

couture won by GNP basically because that's what made halme give his back for the choke.

Matt Hughes over Hiromitsu Kanehara


""Mastering Jujitsu" and it says that the keys for a sucessful G&P mainly rely on superior athletisism and considerable strength"

Ready made excuse for BJJ guys who lose to G&P.

Orlando Weit vs Robert Lucarelli in UFC 2

"Ready made excuse for BJJ guys who lose to G&P."

Fully man.

I train it exclusively for grappling at the mo', but if I get GnP'ed badly in training it was because my opponent was the better grappler, not that someone else was bigger and stronger.

I think Hughes could GnP quite a few LHW's let alone MW's.

kid yamamoto vs katsuta

Interesting thread!

Spitz you better be a girl


Renzo vs. a LOU FERIGINO wreslter in World Combat Championship( ??? ). I remember the wrestler just got done killing a boxer( with a mullet )...he was pretty damn big. Renzo took him down...side mounted then full mounted...the pounded him...bloodied him while maintaining the mount. The guy tapped. It was quite amazing cause Renzo was way smaller in build and this guys was a NCAA wreslter who was a power lifter also.

yea Kid is only the best g&p'er out there, and he's 145 lbs