Has anybody rolled with Al Bundy?

Has anybody ever rolled with Ed O'Neill? How good is he and what is his style?

My guess is he'd be the slow, wait for a mistake type of grappler.

Maybe a better question might be has Al Bundy ever tapped you?

Never rolled with him. But I did see him rolling with Rorion when he was a blue belt. Hard to gauge his skill while rolling against Rorion. But he looked like he knew what he was doing. He's been training a long time...not sure how consistently, but he's been affiliated with the Torrance Academy for years.

i think him and jefferson rolled a few times before hitting up the hootie bar

He looks like that Jacare HL video...

He is a purple now - seen him wearing a purple on pictures and video clips.

Ask the same question in Atama BJJ forum - there are guys that have rolled with him there.

He has been rolling with Peg and Christina Applegate.

Applegate has a nasty triangle!

I rolled with him several times about 4 years ago when we were both Blue-Belts at Gracie Torrance. He's a super nice guy and a student of the game.

Fun fact that I learned was he actually played for the Pittsburg Steelers for a year or two before going on to acting..

Rolled/trained w/ him a loooooong time ago in Torrance. VERY nice guy,
and was a legit purple...He took mostly privates at the time.

I once rolled with Ted Bundy, does that count?

Andreh has and has a picture to boot...

he is a brown belt now, i believe.


BJJ guys don't play football! WTF are you talking about?

Yep, he was easy to tap because he never removed his right hand from his gi pants..... :-)


Dutch was a good movie. TTT for Al.


Didn't he say he choked somebody out in a street fight before? I'm not sure but I thought he said something like that on tv.

"Date of birth (location) 12 April 1946 Youngstown, Ohio, USA"

I also was born in April in Youngstown, OH Not something to brag about
though. It was 30 years earlier also."

Wow, so you are.... 89 years old. Not bad!