Has anyone ever been to a WCF event?

I recently bought tickets to World Championship Fighting 11 in Wilmington, MA. From what I understand they put on a pretty good card considering it is in "the minor leagues." I have never been to a live MMA show and am really excited to go to this. The Main Event has been announced to be former UFC fighter Dan Lauzon, Joe Lauzons brother, fighting for the 155 pound title.

Any fight club members out there that have been to a WCF show? If so, how was it? I am curious about a lot of things on it!

Offhand, I know Jon Jones has - he got his start there. Other UFCers I've seen in attendance include Kenflo, Davis, and even Dana White himself once (probably scouting local talent).

Always an amazing show.

Yeah, I have heard of the reputation of WCF and am very excited to head to the event.

And not that I am going to see the other UFC celebrities in attendance, but that would just be an added bonus.

i3rian - And not that I am going to see the other UFC celebrities in attendance, but that would just be an added bonus.


stops oiling up for my posedown and walks off to the other room pouting

Ok fine I'll take a picture with you.

Better make it two pictures, I tend to blink during pictures so two is a safer play.

 i have been to two of their older shows and i was impressed and happy with them both. you will not be disappointed, their matchmaker is great at pairing up fighters for even fights! lauzon vs weisman will be awesome, and rebello vs rehm will be a total war.

 Joe Cav puts on great shows.  Cards are always stacked.   Can't go wrong.

 Tremendous show. I have been to bunch to corner and at least once just for fun (only the second time I ever did that I think) and it is just tremendous.

Awesome. Other than the Bruins winning to make the series 1-1, you guys just made my night.

Question: is there a bad seat in the house? I think I have good seats based on the seat chooser when you buy the seats, and from watching the brief YouTube videos that they have it looks like there isn't a bad seat.

Anyone else here planning on attending? Phone Post

I went to one a few years back. Kimbo was there, I saw Joe and Dan Lauzon, Marcus Davis, Mark Dellagrotte etc.. The fights were good too.

THERE IS NOT A BAD SEAT IN THE HOUSE AT SHRINERS... the building is famous for it... WCF is one of the best minor league shows around. The show is fast-paced, the matchmaking is great. Phone Post

 no bad seats, action is easy to see. i assume he still uses a ring too so no cage to get in the way. if u do get general admission, get there early to get the best seat tho. there arent any big screens there, just the ring, but u should be ok no matter where you sit.

Awesome. I am getting more amped by the day.

Anyone else planning on attending the event?

I heard they maybe using a cage this time around. Great event! Big crowds,great fights and lots of good looking women in the crowd. When I went Kevin James was there from King of Queens also a lot of the Celtics. I can't wait for this event. I went to the one with Jon Jones but he ended the fight quick.

oh, also went to the WCF when Rampage was in the corner for Mike Dolce.

I went for my birthday last year and only 1 fight on the whol card made it out of the first round, an amazing show Phone Post

Great card for this Saturday night I can't wait!!!

I've had the priviledge of refereeing every one of his shows (and will be Saturday). Joe puts on an awesome show and yes, he still will be using the ring. Makes for great viewing from any seat. If you introduce yourself, I might just hook you up with a free t-shirt!

Kevin "The Ref" MacDonald