Has anyone ever heard of promoting white to brown

Im wondering if anyone has ever heard of someone being promoted from white belt to brown. I recently saw this happen, although I have no knowledge of his skills it seems strange and in the video he actually removes a JJJ black belt (while wearing a red star bjj gi) to accept his brown belt. I see high level mma fighters who are purple or even blue belts but what do you guys think, is this ever ok?

Why so much hate for Ari Bolden?

Seen white to purple at my gym. The guy was a d1 all American and an Olympic alternate I hear. Trained no gi for 4 years then got into a gi and was awarded a Purplebelt a few months later ...I'm not a fan of that Phone Post

Roger Gracie promoted a student from white to black.
Admittedly he was an Olympic judo silver medallist known for his newaza who had been training BJJ with roger, his father and others for a decade too.

There are a few conventional purple to black promo examples but those guys were special (Sergio penha etc) Phone Post

lol. My firm opinion is that even if the student deserved it (and that only should come with bjj knowledge plus ability not just toughness) with any jump of a whole belt color, the instructor dropped the ball of not giving the student the intermediate ranks when he should have.


I think it should be progressive. A few guys from my gym have progressed very quickly but they train nuts so it is all about mat time in the gi (for belt ranking). They also are quick learners and can convey the breakdown of techniques very well also, so it is well deserved.

Not quite the same but Gabriel Moraes won the worlds one year at blue and the next at black.

dokomoy - Not quite the same but Gabriel Moraes won the worlds one year at blue and the next at black.

I'd love to know the story behind that, who was it who promoted him to black, he must have been killing it in the academy to go up 3 belts (deservedly so i guess since he then won the mundials...)

Either belts represent demonstrable skill, or they don't. If they don't, then concern for belts is mere fetishism. Phone Post