Has anyone ever seen a real sjw/racist

In real life? I'm talking full on purple hair, screaming, type, or the male equivalent. Or a real klansman or neo nazi type. I've heard of these people and seen them on the news, but I've never seen either in person. Discuss

Yeah I have seen both.

I saw a public march where the clan was confronted by activists. One clan guy was in a very ornate purple outfit and pointy hat. The actovosts were yelling at them to take off their masks, and when they did the guy in purple was a friend in high school's dad. This was later 90s in St Augustine Florida.


My office used to be on Madison Ave, on the backside of Trump Tower. I have seen thousands upon thousands of SJWs. I posted pics once of some, and have seen some screaming at the NYPD officers in their tactical gear and machine guns. They were calling them fascists and demanding to know why they were opressing our freedoms. They stood there stone faced. They should have tazed them all or sprayed them with a hose.

Are you talking the worthless batshit crazy nightmare types or the true believer SJWs who fly to Haiti on their own dime for relief efforts? I've met more than a few of the latter. I grew up in Virginia so I met quite a few legit racists.   

DaveFu -

Are you talking the worthless batshit crazy nightmare types or the true believer SJWs who fly to Haiti on their own dime for relief efforts? I've met more than a few of the latter. I grew up in Virginia so I met quite a few legit racists.   

So the ones that are helping others in need are the bad ones?

Once I saw a single KKK gentleman in Clarksville, Tennesse.  He was downtown, by himself holding a billboard protesting some nonsense. 


I have seen several SJWs in my day.  I think mostly because I have kids.  My daughter was a HUGE SJW once herself.  Now she just laughs at them mostly.  I've heard them talk all that nonsense.  That white people went to egypt and white washed away all the african heritage that makes up egypt. They told me the sphinx was a black man and that white people shot it's nose off so it didn't appear african. Shit like that.  "All men are rapists, or complicit to rape. "  " Male masculinity is toxic."  etc etc



I took her back to school this fall and there was a SJW protest at the college.  I drove past, couldn't make out what their protest was about, but some black guy had a sign that read, "NIGGAS NEED RIGHTS TO!"


Yes, the wrong form of too. 

Yes. Work with one, well, she's in a different "jurisdiction pod" but the same room on occasion. Blue, green & pink variations of hair color & a screaming Jewish Marxist. It's amazing how far the company lets her get away with things but cracks down on men for much less. Some of the guys are just doccumenting everything & waiting for a grievance/lawsuit.

There is an obvious double-standard in the workplace between what is acceptible for a man to say/do & a woman. 

I just got through dating a real SJW - not purple haired but she ran a woman's health/interest magazine and subscribed to every far Left opinion imagineable. Very anti-white, anti-male, anti-American, etc.

The relationship ended when she cut my head with a 24 ounce tall boy she threw at me after having a fight over the use of the N word. What had happened is that I, a white man, had told a story to her and a friend of mine in which I quoted a black friend of mine saying something that included the word "nigga." Thought it was pretty innocuous stuff, given that I was quoting a black guy, but after she dinged me with the beer she went home and tagged me in a long Facebook post accusing me of racism and using the N word. I reported the post and had to threaten to sue her to get it taken down, which she did.

Stay as far away from SJW types as you can, theirs is not a political position, it's a cult, and they will think nothing of ruining your life if they believe you've transgressed from some progressive hobbyhorse. 

I've encountered both. The Klan was still somewhat active, where I lived, back in the 90's. 

They weren't "we hate all black people" klansmen as most of them had black friends and some of them had black family members. The seemed to be concerend with preserving white heritage, but it was still trashy. 

I was friends with some SJW's in college and some of my co-workers are SJW's too. They're mostly extremely emotional, very ignorant, and gullible. 


I'm talking bat shit crazy folks. Not your average type at the mall.

No. They have integrity. 

I’ve had personal relationships with both.  Of course not close personal relationships, but a friend of a friend kind of thing. 


True racists seem to just be angry unhappy people from what I’ve experienced. And SJW types seem to be spoiled, unappreciative, crazy people.  I have a friend and his sister is a 300 pound, short haired, cunt. She is the definition of a worthless SJW. She’s never had a job. Nits hats and scarves and shit for “extra money”. Her husband is actually a cool guy. I think they’re getting a divorce because he finally has an affair. 

CountMarkula - I'm talking bat shit crazy folks. Not your average type at the mall.

Yes. Batshit. I'm in CA & this carzy SJW is one who flew back for the anti-Trump "womens march", just got back from Vietnam for some other rally & regularly travels for this stuff.


I have no problem supporting a cause, it's just that she tkes things to an irrational level

I used to run into Tom Metzger every now and then because he owned a little TV repair business not far from where I live. I dated a self proclaimed SJW a couple years ago. She had a crazy haircut and was in grad school but she never pushed her politics on me and her body was incredible

I met a skinhead once. I was training him at work. He came to me bitching about my purchasing manager and close friend calling him a nigger. I guess my short haircut at the time threw him off. Got his ass fired that day. Nassau PD had to haul him off as he threatened to kill me, my purchasing manager and the owner of the company. 

Never saw him again lol. Shithead.

Unfortunately I live in a SJW area and some of my neighbors are members of Arizona Antifa.

I see lots of SJWs in Austin

Never met at SJW type but that's due to my area. It's not a large city. Seems those types are only around large populations like that.

I have met a whole lot of KKK members though. My town used to have a rally every year but that got shut down in the 90's because they kept starting fights.

I live in Los Angeles, and I deal with sjw scum every day.

Seen all the above in real life .

I had a lady in my store a few months ago that was wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt. On the back it had a list of demands like reparations etc. She was white with red hair, maybe a Jewish daywalker. I think that's the only time I've ever seen someone wearing a shirt like that.