Has anyone followed Brendan Schaub's comedy downfall?

I’ve heard him say before that he looks like a faggot

He honestly doesn’t know what’s he’s talking about. Eddie bravo used to be in his ear during the fights. That’s why Rogan was always throwing out the 10th planet terminology. Do you think Cruz or Bisping need an ear piece so that someone can explain to them what’s going on? Rogan is only good at knowing how to dramatize the action to the average viewer. That’s only thing he knows. Hence the “OH, HE’S ROCKED!!!” everytime someone got hit with a hard shot.

I like Eddie bravo a lot and he’s a master marketer. But he took the entire half guard system from Gordo, which is a very good half guard system, gordo hurt his knee as a teenager and couldn’t do stuff from closed guard so he developed the half guard. Everything from Eddie’s book is something gordo was doing 25 years before.

Mission control is completely negated once you stuff the opponents knee into half guard. Lock down does nothing but stall.

As soon as Rogan would say someone’s striking was getting good they would get dropped within 5 seconds. Rogan doesn’t know boxing and he doesn’t know wrestling. How can he know mma?

Youd be honestly surprised at the amount of industry people that had mod powers here. They weren’t mods in the traditional sense, but they could basically control narratives from behind the scenes and never be known as a mod.

A whole lot of people.

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Sounds like the accusations of some sort of homo

Agree to disagree on Joe.

Although I do agree with your sentiments on Eddie.

Eddie was Rogan’s teacher. How can you agree with me about Eddie but not Rogan? Very few people actually learn more than their instructor. Joe doesn’t know wrestling or boxing. How could he know mma?

Joe is mma’s max kelkerman. His commentary is always extremely biased towards one fighter and he acts like an expert even though he has never been punched in the face.

I agree with you about Eddie that he is a great marketer and basically reinvented a system that was already in place. That’s not a big deal, though. Basically every martial art, system, business is a reinvented, more polished version of something that existed before it.

Part of Patrice’s “lack” of success was because he died before comedians started using YouTube as a platform.

Because of his righteousness, he stuck with his material which was the opposite of PC and wouldn’t work on most of the comedy launching platforms of the say (Leno, Letterman, Comedy Central, etc).

It also made him difficult to work with because he’d refuse to do cornball lines for cheap laughs.

Chris Rock bitching out Patrice on O&A about how he self-sabotages his career was classic.


Would you guys do meth together?


Hes obviously playing the hollywood game but god damn he still puts out amazing specials. Burr is fucking hilarious

Cindo O having secret admin powers and banning paid accounts that weren’t pro zuffa/didnt agree with her was pretty insane as well


I worked with the best coaches on the planet and sparred a lot of rounds with guys who have been ranked in the UFC. I have coached or helped coach a few former champions and few very good pro boxers. I can’t count the amount of guys I’ve trained with who have fought for the title in the UFC. They were all better than me but I’ve certainly worked out with better partners and coaches than rogan.

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Ring magazine put Rousey on the cover, and anybody with even a casual interest in boxing should have been able to see her footwork and defensive boxing were absolute garbage.

Hype is a powerful drug and I’ve heard Rogan admit a number of times he’s a hype man… And I haven’t listened to his podcast in five years.

Still, he appeals to a lot of people, he works hard and he hypes things up for $$$$$. It worked for him, so good for him (if that’s what you’re in to).


You can’t count how many guys you’ve trained with who have fought for the title in the UFC??? What the fuck are you talking about? Can you count? My gym had 3 guys who did, and everyone knew them.

This reeks of some retard shit. There’s only been a few hundred people who have ever fought for a title. Learn to count or stop being a pathological liar.


I traveled around the country to different gyms. It’s actually quite impressive that you had three guys fight for the title out of one gym.

I’m not being a pathological liar. I’d be a liar if I ever said that I was better than one of them. I wasn’t even close

It’s just interesting because, if you aren’t bullshitting, you’re definitely in the minority on this one. Most all high-level Fighters respect Joe and his knowledge of the game.

No they don’t, they respect his platform and reach just Joe’s comedy buddies don’t actually think he’s a funny comedian, but there’s so much career opportunity from being his “friend”.


And you know this how?


“For me @joerogan is the man when it comes to commentating. it’s just become trendy to knock him for some insanely strange reason. I watch him and learn every time. He has fascinating takes and a way with words I can only aspire to. And this isn’t me being a company man either.”


"Joe Rogan is the man! He has been so helpful and helps and asks for nothing in return. And Joe Rogan is the UFC, he’s yesterday’s UFC, he’s today’s UFC, Joe Rogan Will be tomorrow’s UFC! I am honored to be able to sit to his right on the biggest fight nights of the year!“

It’s all bullshit though I suppose?

People around here….

Yes, clearly

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