has anyone ordered RITCdvds

has anyone on here ordered any ritc dvds? I ordered 2 of them about 2 weeks ago and I still haven't recieved them yet.

If you ordered them you will get them, fellow forum member JM will take care of you.


Yes, JM is the man when it comes to getting out the videos, and the quality has continuously gotten better. As for reliability, he makes his living on e-bay for christsakes, so you know you'll get your shit.

Oh yeah, expect plenty of shameless plugging (and JM's typical fair share of ebonics) for Well Done Productions when the big-headed one returns from vacation.

How long does it usually take to get them?

Where do you get the dvds?

I ordered them on the rage in the cage website.

I've emailed them and no response has anyone else had this problem with them?

its now been almost a month and still no dvds can anyone help?

The pumpkin headed 1 sent them out. But they never arrived. New 1's being shipped. This kinda thing sux for me as I sell less copies than Cube has hairs left,but you gotta keep the customers happy. Plus, I'll probably see the guy soon in person.

Thanks to everyone for the positive words from Stix, Ray, and Lewis.

For anyone looking for Az's top fighters on DVD, please check out www.welldonemma.com for all new releases like:


EFC: Over the Edge

RITC's Greatest HITS

plus, check back often for upcoming blockbusters like Evolution: Night of Champions featuring Joseph "1st Round KO's every Friday, Michelob Ultra every Sunday until security comes" Riggs.

Lewis, sorry no Ebonics this week. I have to a wedding I have to minister on Friday.

Reverend, J.M. Crandall

PS Lord Bradley be praised


Thanks. Oh, and BTW, please order from www.welldonemma.com and not RITC's site. I am supposed to get updates from the webmaster, but I don't. So, the only way I know if an order is placed is to check paypal.



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