Has Customer Service TURNED TO SHIT?

I seem to notice that for the last few months that customer service (calls to financial institiutions, utilities, etc.) have been HORRIBLE. Just got off the phone with an agent for electric utilities and the guy was the most incompetent agent I have encountered… couldn’t speak English (I think the dude was Latino), bad reception, gotten my account number wrong, acting like a fucking robot reading a script, etc. Similar situation with calling my credit card company and loan company. Has anyone noticed this??


All these lazy woke fools out living the van life who quit their jobs that they had to send a lot of the work to other countries. I’ve experienced the same kinda shit as you btw.


one hundred percent. they use the virus as an excuse to cut corners


Curious what state op is in?


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I got used to it when I moved to middle Georgia. They wild here.

Cus tom er ser vice?

Always find a way to blame it on the people with no power. Customer service has become automated, labor has been outsourced. There is no incentive for a giant corporation to improve customer service when the other options are just as bad. That was the favorite argument for a private health option until we saw what a shit show it becomes when you can’t vote for change. You’ll take what you get and you’ll like it

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I’ve gotten bad cusomter service before… but it is another level terrible.

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On fonem

Ok. I us med to be the customer service manager for a large ca utility and could have had someone follow up with you about the shitty service if it was here.

Just changed my home insurance. The company I left has dog shit CS, the company I went to has good CS.

Customer service at big companies is all about metrics. CSRs just need to clear a number of calls in a certain amount of time. Solving issues is about 5th or 6th priority it seems.


Good call centers have quality assurance departments that listen to calls and include metrics about how nice the agent was, whether the correct action was taken, etc. most weigh quality metrics much higher than handle times but when they don’t you get exactly what you describe.

one thing I didn’t mention. In a previous interaction with an customer service agent… I get a call from suspsected fraud call, telling me that they didn’t receive my deposit and that I will lose electricity. I am like what? and they said in order to fix this, they wanted me to go to my bank app to wire them money. I was like fuck no, let me get to the bottom of this. Makes me wonder if there’s also fraud ring in one of Texas’ electric company’s CSR team. Fucking messed up if this is true.

I’ve noticed it more with in person interactions. Every business I go to is short staffed and the people they have are new and poorly trained. Society is breaking before our eyes. I don’t think anything gets better from here, only worse. Kids are dumb and/or lazy. They don’t care about anything, they’re completely numb to the world.


Years back I walked through our center and saw a girl take a picture of her screen. We asked her to come see her supervisor and instead she grabbed all her shit, threw it in a box and left.

Turned out she was in the middle of a fraud ring. She would take pics of Hispanic owned business accounts and then work with her boyfriend to threaten them with disconnection if they didn’t pay cash to stop it. The boyfriend would dress up as a field service rep.

We only knew she did what she did becasuse a few years later she called the Supervisor and told her. She wouldn’t tell us where she was etc but she wanted to come clean. We eventually prosecuted her.


at least with face to face interaction, you can possibily get whatever problem you have resolved. Chances they’ll understand your concern and be able to read your situation. Over the phone is a different animal.

This may sound corny and I am not usually the type to advocate for this, but I think there needs to be some social development training for kids on how to handle difficult situations. Too many kids are shying away struggles or whatever (Flight instead of Fight).

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This type of shit is precisely why I ask to take surveys at the end of the call.

They listen to those surveys very carefully and judge the reps on them.

Metrics aren’t everything, even in the biggest call centers. Feedback is also crucial. And when they get someone with pointed criticism of a certain rep, they listen.

Big thing is, criticize the rep, not company policy. They’ll always ignore complaints about policy because they can’t change them. But they can change the way the rep behaves.

This is of course, for American based call centers. Get one based in New Delhi or Manila? Nothing’s gonna change what they do.


You sound like you have been in my old job. Feedback is the only thing that changes behavior in a positive way. The other is discipline which rarely works.

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