Has everyone here been to a Buc-ee's?

Buc-ee's offers products found at most convenience stores such as fuel, cigarettes, tobacco, chips, drinks, and soft drinks at their smaller neighborhood stores. Travel centers include a deli, coffee shop, exterior tunnel car washes, Texas-themed specialty gifts and food, and products catering to hunters and river rafters. All Buc-ee's are open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Buc-ee's offers private labeled beef jerky, novelty candy, trail mixes, granola, pralines, jarred vegetables, preserves, and salsa. Their #1 branded product is caramel and butter-glazed corn puffs known as 'Beaver Nuggets.'


Wow looks so cool!!

Work right by one, a small brisket sandwich will set you back 7 bucks. Fuck that

never heard of them, they look nice though

Love that place!!!

I stop at them for gas and to piss on my way to Dallas and Houston.

Texas also has Fuel City. Not near as big, but a mega-gas station nonetheless.

pretty good place to stop if you're traveling through.  wouldn't go there if i lived near one, too expensive.

Stopped at one in Texas, that motherfucker was MASSIVE. It had a dozen of those ice boxes outside, it's own car wash and own two lane drive up ATM's, never seen a gas station like that thing. 

We always stop at Bucees in Tx. They have about 100 gas pumps,are all very clan, food is great...They also sell high end stuff like Costa delMar sunglasses aand Yeti ice chests. They have their own label of candy and snacks, one would think it would cost less , but it is more expensive than national brands. Their deli sandwiches are good but a bit overpriced.

We vacation there several times a year. Place is incredible and the eye candy is usually better than target.