Has it occured to anyone else....?

I know that the Griffin/Shogun fight has turned the MMA world upside down but has anyone stopped and thought about the fact that Shogun is only 25 years old???

My only exposure to Shogun is a handful of Pride fights I watched on DVD but I am very impressed. Throw out the rankings and all of the UFC/Pride garbage and look at it from just an MMA fan perspective. Griffin is a fast improving 28 year old trying to climb the ladder towards the title. He fought his guts out and got a huge win last Saturday. On the flip side, I have to believe the sky is the limit for Shogun in terms of upside. At 25 years old its scary to think about how good he may be by 30!!

Its a great time to be an MMA fan with such tremendous young talent developing right before our eyes!!

Sorry, man, but I stopped reading at "My only exposure to Shogun is a handful of Pride fights I watched on DVD".

No one cares about your intelligent, thoughtfull, positive post.

This is the UG fer fak sake!!!

I know its hard for some on the UG to comprehend, but just because you haven't had an enormous amount of exposure to anything outside of the UFC, it does not automatically make you an idiot or unable to have an intelligent opinion on an MMA issue.

It would be refreshing to have some actual MMA discussions on this board without someone having to act high and mighty about Pride or TUF Noobs or whatever....

My post was simply pointing out that at 25 years old, if Shogun continues to develop and improve, he could become one of the alltime greats in the history of the sport. Just my opinion...

I agree BigRay. But being as accomplished as he is, at his age, I wonder if he could get burnt-out easily?!?! I'm not saying he is because of his recent loss to Forrest. I believe he'll come back strong as ever and use his loss as a learning experience. But the name Vitor is always in my head when I think about young talent with high expectations brought upon them.

Good point bluegrass.... the burnout factor always has to be taken into account. Its interesting that MMA fighters seem to peak in most cases at about the same age as pro athletes in other sports. 28-32 years old really seems to be the age where mentally you are starting to get where you need to be and physically you are capable of carrying it out.

he got beat up by a tufer. lets not forget the facts.

How long do we stick with calling someone a "Tufer"?

Is there some sort of grace period that ends and they become "legit" UFC fighters?

Help me understand because I am confused....

At this point, when I think of Griffin, I think of an up and coming 205er with huge heart, underrated groud game, and the ability to hang with anyone in the Top 10 on any given night. Not sure what the relevance is of him being a former fighter on the TUF Show?

My post wasn't an attempt at being a genius or a predictor of the future. I was simply curious as to how many people lost sight of the fact that Shogun is only 25 during the last week when so many people were arguing about Pride/UFC, TUF contestants, steroids, etc...

Just thought that a reminder that he is only 25 might help some folks get their eye back on the ball in terms of the relevance of Shogun losing the fight. Time will tell, and it will be very interesting to see the direction his career takes, he could become a true HOF performer with the right focus and determination.

BigRay I agree but the problem is you posted on the UG and most people who come to the UG don't like well thought out posts with a purpose they just like to talk shit behind their computer screens

hence the reason most big name fighters no longer visit the ug

Its too bad most threads are getting bogged down with the same old arguments (Pride/UFC, TUF Noobs, etc...).

I really enjoy discussing MMA with people interested in voicing interesting and intelligent opinions. I don't always agree but I do enjoy hearing other points of view. Often I end up seeing things from a different perspective and feel more educated on the world of MMA after having had said discussions.... lately though I have felt dumber after participating in the majority of the UG threads....

"at 25 years old, if Shogun continues to develop and improve, he could become one of the alltime greats in the history of the sport"

Very true, but in the MMA world, if you lose 1-2 fights your "washed up" to the fickle fans.

Look how many people said Rampage was finished after losing to Wand and Shogun, and now he's the LHW champ.

I am very curious about Rampage's ground game. So far he has been effective enough with strikes to win and he seemed to be a good enough wrestler to handle Henderson.

I suspect at some point someone is going to come along that makes Rampage fight off his back, just curious as to how he will do.....

There is nothing that guarantees a fighter will be so much better at 30
than he is at 25. People don't always improve at a known rate and
sometimes decline.

"First he was the greatest now he is only 25...SHUTUP"

Why post that? It added absolutely nothing to the discussion. It was the equivalent of a small child interrupting a group of adults having a conversation with something inappropriate.

At no point in this thread did anyone say Shogun was "the greatest." If you had bothered to ready the thread you would have seen that I clearly stated "my only exposure to Shogun is from a few Pride DVD's." At no point did "greatest" ever get used.

My thought on Shogun is that he is a fantastic fighter and at 25 he probably has a huge upside and plenty more fights ahead of him.

Read the thread before posting something, it would make the UG a lot more enjoyable and educational forum.