Has MayheM ever played in The NBA?

Yep that's definately him...He is a man of many talents.

Yes. He won a few world championship rings playing with Michael Jordan. But he melted the rings down to make a phat "MayheM" four finger ring...

I do know that he was in the WNBA for 2 weeks and then banned for locker room misconduct.

Ryan Locomotive ^

When asked why he would join the WNBA, Jason responded, "I get to be around boobs and balls, best of both worlds."


see ya tomorrow @ 12 !"

I'll probably be in bed watching TV with my gf, so unless you are her, I doubt it.

"not going to aliso ?"

I am not Crazy Ryan, I am the mexican version of him. That's why Jason dubbed me Ryan Loco.

But please tell Crazy Ryan I said hi.