Has n e body had probs w/Fairtex?

I placed an order at Fairtex a few days ago and paid an extra $10 for shipping. I have yet to get any notification that my order has been shipped. I emailed them 2x and got an instant response saying a rep would be in touch shortly. I have yet to hear from them. Has anybody had similar problems with them? Will I be better off cancelling and taking my business elsewhere?

I ordered 16 0z. gloves a few years back through a friend and had no problem but I don't remember how long it took. He placed a large order so I remember having to wait a little while. They were great gloves until I left them in the cellar to get mold infested!!!


I placed an order w/Twins something or other and got an immediate response saying they were out of stock of 1 of the items and would take 3-4 weeks. I cancelled the order but really appreciated them letting me know. I kinda wish I had just stuck with them. They seemed to be more in tune with the term customer service.

I've ordered many many items from them over the past year and have been completely satisfied. They respond to my emails quickly and have been very cool on returns and everything. I'm surprised noone has contacted you. How long has it been since you emailed them. I know they just moved into a new building like two weeks ago, so there may be a little disarray around there. They have been taking about a week to get back to emails these past few weeks. I wouldn't worry about them screwing you. They've always been real good with me and others on my team.

I'm not worried about getting screwed (as of now they haven't even charged my cc). It's just that I paid $10 extra to get it here before the weekend and it seems like money wasted. I emailed them 2 days ago and yesterday and today.

you should try the new kid on the block KONJO they were sponsors of The Texas Submission Challenge.

If I don't get some sort of response from my last email then I will be cancelling and looking at other companies.

I ordered some 16 oz sparring gloves last February, and have still not received them. My emails went unanswered, and I had to call to get a response. They told me they would be shipped May 21st. Still haven't seen them. I guess I need to make another call.

This is not giving me confidence. What are some good companies that have given good customer service (just in case I have to cancel)?

they have moved twice. they are getting all squared away now in a bad ass facility, likely the best in the US!!!


There have been many, many threads posted here from dissatified Fairtex customers.

what website did you order from?

I definitely won't be ordering from them again for a number of reasons.

I ordred a pair of ankle supports and it took 2 or 3 weeks. I thought that was odd, considering I live in Seattle.

I AM TELLING YOU PEOPLE GO HERE KONJO Superior Fight Gear! They are a young company supporting not only the boxing end but NHB and Submission Wrestling as well and they offer some real quality goods!

I think I even saw a photo floating around somewhere with the Iceman using some Konjo stuff.

Still no word from them but UPS sent me a message saying it was shipped.

I hate to bitch but I would have appreciated them letting me know that they were having difficulty.

DM-Extreme has great twins stuff. Great service and quick ship time. Ordered gloves from them twice and got them within a week and i'm in Hawaii