Has Nate lost a step?

Just watched the Leon Edwards fight.

I thought Nate looked slower. He had FAR less output. Spent way more time circling on the outside than usual.

Then in the very end when he finally landed something good, he wasted 5 seconds while Leon was chicken dancing.

I think nate looked bad for 95% of that fight.


He never had that step imo.


Few teeph

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Yep he has a lot of miles.


He’s like 37

The Simpsons Cartoon GIF

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Edwards is that good. Didn’t make any mistakes. Perfect in and out, lots of leg kicks, excellent game plan and execution.

Diaz needs people to make mistakes, to fight emotionally, sloppy.

Otherwise a more disciplined fighter will control the fight, or lack of one.


This, he’s never looked good against top opponents…

Edwards just pieced him up


I think he just had too many lay offs. His timing was off same in the Jorge fight.

He’s been going for heavier punches rather than volume in these past fights.

Has he lost a step? Maybe but I’d like to see him return quickly I feel like we could still see a better version of him when he is more active.


Is that nate and ferg mixed? Lol

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Lol damn that’s good

Too many layoffs, period. He was always slow and he relies on timing and volume. Both of those things have diminished due to his layoffs. His pace is still good, but it’s not amazing. He throws far fewer punches, he loads up more, he gets hit more, and his accuracy isn’t anything like it used to be.

Tony Diaz is a bad mofo.

Not sure if he has lost a step, but he can still take his opponents into the late rounds… unless he is cut open looking like a Leatherface victim and they call the fight due to excessive bleeding/cuts.

His heart has only gotten better over time, which is impressive because that’s never been a weak point even early on in his career.

But yea, his bell has been rung a lot lately. He should work on defense.

Nate Diaz has always been a favorite of mine from tuf but he’s never been top level in the UFC. If you line up Nate’s wins they aren’t top five guys and if they are they weren’t top 5 when they fought Nate. His best wins might be Conor, Pettis, cerrone, or Jim Miller.

Didn’t read any replies.

No…he’s getting faster in his older age

Thought the same thing.

Hate to admit it as a Diaz fan but you have a point