Has PAVIA crawled out from under his rock yet?

 Pav will survive

 Not Bodog.....Bellator  ^^^^^

He's probably busy with another one of his "charity" golf tourneys.

reddsharkk - 
AlphaSlap - old fashioned internet pile-on, anybody care to explain why Ken got blackballed from the UFC?

Providing copies of the ufc contract to Bodog so they could use it for their own contracts.

WOW Pav thats pretty stupid,I guess you didn't think they would find out.lol How did Dana find out Pav was the one to give bellator the contracts?


ETA on getting the careers of Jay Hieron, Jamal Patterson and Raphael Davis back on the rails?

I wonder if any of the documents Pavia gave Bellator actually had an effect on how they do things, and/or is at all responsible, even a little bit for the success they've had.

Edit: Allegedly

Wow...I heard about the contract stealing thing but what has this guy done to be kicked in the nuts this bad over the interwebs? From what I heard or read other than the contract theft fuck up and the meathead deal he's not a bad dude. Just trying to stay a float and make a buck. He seemed ok on Inside MMA. Phone Post

^^ Yeah I dont have have a problem with the Pav either. Assuming all the allegations are true, he didn't do anything any other agent hasn't done already, or wouldn't do if given the chance and thought they could get away with it, imo.

Maybe someone will come on here and say "so and so wouldn't do this or that". And maybe that's true. But being a successful sports agent requires some amount of douchebaggery, somewhere along the lines. I mean look at Boras, Rosenhaus, Maguire. You have to be kind of a prick to be good at the job.

To automatically jump on an internet hatewagon against an agent, who by the way, still comes on here and talks to fans, because he did something that just about any other agent would do?....Maybe if he didn't come on the UG and fight back every now and then I'd be more likely to hate on him.

AlphaSlap - old fashioned internet pile-on, anybody care to explain why Ken got blackballed from the UFC?

 + 1

I haven't heard about this?

The Pav posted on a Fancy Pants thread yesterday.

KenP - Never left... nice three post coordination there.

Rumble is very active in the gym post surgery.

Look for a press release announcing a series of high profile signings.  Some surprises coming. 

well you haven't signed me yet bro...that's as high profile as it gets imo.....

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 - PhillyFights -  an agent, who by the way, still comes on here and talks to fans

GracieboyABS-Um..... the fuck?

I was saying that no matter what he did, he's still more of an insider to the industry than 99% of the posters on here. So even if he's a scumbag, if he comes on to the UG and gives some insight into something that most of us wouldn't otherwise have learned, his usefulness around here might outweigh the negatives. That's just from an MMA fan and UG readers' perspective. If I was a fighter who he screwed, then I'd feel differently.

Don King is trash, and is more responsible than any other one person for boxing being where it is today. But if he came on a message board and talked with boxing fans, I'd still want to hear what he had to say.

Edit: Man that quote came out ass-backwards. Tried to fix as best I could.


No but I sent him so packages from the commisary. 

Met Pavia once or twice at The Palace at WEC and Palace Fighting Championship events. Always seemed like a nice enough guy who does a lot for his fighters.

Kinda says something when guys who have been around the block like Chris Lytle, Dennis Hallman, and Phil Baroni stick with him too.

ttt for the pav

All the shit that you guys will kill people for and run into the ground, and yet you let this proven DBag get a pass. Priceless.

 TTT for the PAV

Never left...

 i'll see ya next friday pavia but you'll be in the wrong corner.....