Has PAVIA crawled out from under his rock yet?

smoogy - ETA on getting the careers of Jay Hieron, Jamal Patterson and Raphael Davis back on the rails?

Seriously, these 3 guys get absolutely no promotion. It's a shame, but on the same token Patterson and Davis don't fight full-time.

Davis has won 2 in a row on Bellator and belongs in the UFC. Jamal Patterson finally fought too, losing a decision to Tim Carpenter. It seems like a lot of Pavia's fighters are getting booked in Bellator, weird, it's as if he has connections there? Hieron hopefully signs with the UFC after getting the run around from Strikeforce. I'm not sure why any fighter with legit skills would want Pavia representing them, considering Dana White/Joe Silva are likely not calling him asking for any top prospects on his client list.

Don't ever compare someone like Don King who has several times over made the biggest fights in the world and killed two men ( that we know about) to the Pav. Seriously, Don King is an icon.. You would be hard pressed to find anyone in the states much less the world who dosnt know who he is. You can buy Halloween costumes of him. Nobody in MMA fighter or otherwise associated has ever reached the fame level of Don King. Which is why people would be kissing his ass if he took the time to post on a fourm. The Pav, doesn't have that kinda juice behind his name, which is why he will not get the Don King golden pass. Phone Post

Pav has a tendency to be self righteous an pompous, but the guy has helped a lot of fighter (screwed a few by some accounts). I try to live by the saying "never kick a man while he's down..." unless it's PRIDE rules. Phone Post


Nice costume

Vemola representing MMAagents yo. 

KenP - Vemola representing MMAagents yo. 

That guy killed it!

KenP - Never left... nice three post coordination there.

Rumble is very active in the gym post surgery.

Look for a press release announcing a series of high profile signings.  Some surprises coming. 


TTT for The Pav

 Look for a press release in the next few days.  You may be a bit surprised.


I made this thread and the is the 1st time Ive seen it since.

Credit to PAVIA for responding, I had not seen him since the contract sharing allegation.

Gotta give him credit for making a name for himself and building a roster of fighters, though not enamored of all of his posts and actions

Not too many MMA agents have name recogniton, PAVIA is at least one of them.

MOnte Cox is most recognizable, seems to have faded a bit after getting involved in promoting and running across a few road bumps

Well before accusing him of this or that let's see how the lawsuit plays out.then talk.Innocent until proven guilty is what the law is built on.Anyone know when this lawsuit goes to court or has it already??Thanks..One thing forsure is UFC wins lawsuits.that is a fact.

ttt for "look for a press release within the next few days"

not saying your stalling Pav, but I have seen you ignore a thread for 3 months after an original "look out for an announcement/explanation within the next couple days" reply

Hope for the best


It is coming... keep adding guys before we get the release out.  Big surprises...

Alexander “Tiger” Sarnavskiy

Listed as the # 1 Undefeated European Prospect by Sherdog.com, the 21 year old Russian M1 vet has achieved worldwide attention. He trains out of the Rusfighters Sports Club, the same team as Bellator middleweight tournament champion Alexander Shlemenko, and “Tiger” is ready to attack the international mma scene. Tiger has put together an 11-0 record, finishing all but two opponents. He has a well rounded arsenal, with 5 wins by way of knockout and 4 by submission, including a highlight reel spinning back fist KO in just14 seconds in his last bout. Alexander “Tiger” Sarnavskiy is a force to be reckoned with in the lightweight division.

from the Pav's site

 There are more as well... we issued a press release.