Has PC crowd emasculated LE?

I debate this at work quite often and people either strongly agree with me or think I'm a nut. I figure the truth is hard for some to accept lol. (Not that I'm NOT a nut though)

My stance is that up until recent times, law enforcement jobs were tougher to get and this resulted in better officers. Since they've PC'ed us in recent times, we've suffered as a result.

Most departments used to require all recruits to pass rigid physical testing in order to be considered for an academy. The result was that many former high school/college athletes and prior military types were hired.

You had tough, capable individuals who were able to physically handle most people in their approximate age/size range. Nowdays, lawsuits and "progressive" changes have resulted in far less departments maintaing the tough physical standards for their recruit pool.

I've seen more and more recruits come through, who are unable to do a single pushup (male and female) or run a mile and a half without stopping or slowing to walk. It's sad and disgusting at the the same time but this is who they (recruiters) keep sending to us.

Big surprise that these weaklings dont convey any sense of confidence in uniform, nor do they have any "command presence" in any sense of the word. I've seen assaults against officers rise in the last few years and I cant help but think the fact that we look "soft" has something to do with it.

For over 200 years, we managed to police this country without all the tazers, OC spray, and other bat-belt gadgets. I believe it was because most of the officers were physically tough and could handle themselves. Since we've gotten away from these requirements, our dependence on these gadgets has grown.

Not that I think they aren't useful items to have... they are, but many officers NEED them because they're so physically incapable. Am I wrong in my thinking? Give me some feedback, be it positive or negative. I'm curious how some of you view this.


throw in politics and who u know and the gene pool get even worse. out!

We are our own worst enemy ! Unless your agency has a standard for fitness the only time you need to be in shape is when you are trying our for the job. I'm a trainer, recruiter and background investigator. When i was on the road i was an f.t.o. I see almost every aspect of the hiring process. People these days want the job for the money ,not a career. I like to recruit from the military. Former military are more mature, tested and in shape. They have goals. College kids are ok if you can get past the one who's mommy and daddy sent them four years of beer money.
I can go on for hours on what I've seen but i will only get more pissed off.

Another example of this in action: I was teaching a "Verbal Judo" class to recruits yesterday and lo and behold, there's a veteran officer sitting in the classroom.

I asked him why he was there and it turns out that when he was working in the jail, a Sgt came in on the end of an argument he'd had with an inmate and felt he was "too harsh" in his words and tone. This Sgt. made him go sit in on our class with our recruits as punishment.

I've not worked with this guy personally but I've never heard other officers complaining about him or criticizing his style. Given that he's been there almost 7 years, I'd be prone to give him the benefit of the doubt over an inmate. Maybe I'm wrong though.

good points by chad.

some police agencies are allowing 1 hour of gym time/day at the station gym, as long as there is someone available to cover your sector. add your lunch break, and you've got a really good workout. Mass State Police do that and they're JACKED!

100% on the money

I agree I'm and FTO and some of the males and females i get out of the academy are out of shape and have never been in a physical fight in their lives. The first time shit hits the fan they freak out.