Has Penn ever been in real trouble

Ive seen all of Penn's fight, except for his fight with Pulver.

In all this time, I cant remember him ever being seriously rocked or close to being submitted. Uno tagged him a couple times, but I never got the sense he was in any real danger.

He is always so calm, collected and in control of his fights. Just wondering what you guys thought?

he's one of the smartest and best composed athlete's in mma...and he obviously has a solid chin after taking the best Pulver had!

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No he has never been in trouble!!!

No he has never been in trouble!!!

I have seen Penn vs Gilbert, Penn vs Dinn, Penn vs Uno, Penn vs Pulver, Penn vs ? his first fight after pulver, Penn vs Serra, Penn vs Uno 2, Penn vs Gomi and Penn vs Hughes. And i concur with the above.

BJ is great and I've never seen him in trouble. However, I don't see why
everyone thinks that Pulver is such a hard puncher. He landed one
punch (and some might even call it lucky) on John Lewis. Because of
that he's a "great puncher"? Maybe I've missed something.

Not sure about the Pulver fight. I just think the fact that he has never really been close to getting finished further cements him as the best P4P right now.

Pulver had him in trouble . That is why he ran the whole fight and didn`t want to mix it up after he got caught.

one time he came home really late and didn't call his parents

Pulver's a very hard puncher. See his latest KO in Shooto for evidence.

Exactly Loretta!

"Maybe I've missed something"

you missed all of his other KO wins? Jens KO'd Phil Johns in like 30 seconds too, just for starters.

Pulver never had him in trouble, he hit Penn with a couple of reall hard shots and they didn't faze him.

lol, Jens could have finished Penn in that fight if he'd pushed it. Penn was more than fazed

"Didn't faze him? I guess I must have been seeing shit when I saw him wobble around the Octagon in the last round when Jens tagged him."

lol...you guys kill me! Penn was in his FOURTH FIGHT!!!

You morons.

My bad, I rewatched the fight and Penn was a little bit tipsy from those punches, but not seriously. My previous comment was a little off however.

He took Pulvers hardest shots like a champ though, and never backed down.

The ever cogent and scientifically literate braddahshano808:lol...you guys kill me! Penn was in his FOURTH FIGHT!!!Let me summarize: This was Penn's fourth fight, therefore, Penn was not fazed.

FFS he hasn't even had 10 fights yet. Let's see him rack 20 or 30 fights (not many compared to guys like Hughes and Horn), then we'll judge. It's a little early in the man's career to be labelling him as "mma savior" or whatever. Pulver did rock him to the point that he was content to be passive the rest of that fight (and I wanted BJ to win). 7-1-1 does not make you a god. I like BJ as a fighter, but some of you are just plain embarrasing with your hero worship.


Pulver had him scared and Uno had him controlled and defensive in the second fight.