Has ROTR Surpassed UFC??????

Has ROTR surpassed the UFC?

BJPenn/Rodrigo Gracie

Royler Gracie/Joao Roque

Cabbage/Wes Sims


Carter Williams, Falaniko, Shields, Ebanez and more!

........Maybe not, but not far from it.

Hey, aside of Frank Mir.........

they are as good as any HW Zuffa got right now!

I wish that event was on PPV as well.I want to see Wes KO Sims in a bad way.

The UFC HW division is actually has some life right now

Frank Mir - HW Champ

Andrei Arlovski - #1 contender

Tim Sylvia - only loss to Mir

Justin Eilers - up and comer

Ken Shamrock - He'd still a lot better than Sims. Ha.

Paul Buentello - should fight soon

Tre Telligman - might be back as well.

Mike Kyle - a quality opponent.

Now please tell me how Cabbage & Sims make the ROTR HW division as competitive as the UFC's?

Combined those guys are 1-5 against the fighters listed above.

Ahhh, no.

"I want to see Wes KO Sims in a bad way."

I guess that Wes KOing himself is just as likely as anything. 

When is their next show ?

lmao @ funkywb

Funkywb, you do realize Cabbage's real name is Wesley don't you?

Will this be on PPV?

If it's on PPV........

Ima buyin!!!!!!!

"Has ROTR surpassed the UFC?"

You've got to be kidding me.

Einux I am glad somebody knows what they are talking about.Cabbage is Wesley "Cabbage" Correia if you want to let the people who have no clue in on it.

it will be on ppv!!! only on the outer islands though :(

ROTR in the little time they been here they have produced GREAT shows and MATCH UPS!! Because their not in the Vegas doesn't mean they don't have good fights.

Ain't dat the TRUTH!

I'd say UFC is a 8 out of 10
Pride is a 9 out of 10
ROTR is about a 6.5 out of 10

ROTR is a fastly growing event..

Penn Vs. Gracie is better than Ortiz Vs. Cole or Mezger.

BJ Penn already beat Hughes easly so they have the best Welterweight untile proven wrong.

In a year from now they will pass UFC or once they hit pay per view.

ROTR is paid for by K-1, no? That would mean they have alot of
money to put together fights, right?

ROTR is not at UFC's level yet but it is rapidly improving. Great job by the Penns.