Has Sprawl83 lied to DBG?

Has sprawl83 lied to the loyal members of DBG? Sprawl, you promised us you would be on all night at some point this weekend and the most I saw of you was for a map or 2. WHY SPRAWL!!! Why stomp on Pun and Killer's dreams!!! BTW, I played with Killer for the last 2 days, he was playing Socom 1 to get reaqainted with the fundamentals. I need you back Sprawl!!!

So, I'm playing SW:BF on PS2 and I see this guy named Big Pun and I'm all yelling into the headset, "Big Pun! I'm on your team! This is Willybone! OG forevah!" But he's all like getting killed and whatnot and he totally sucks so I'm all like, "First time I see you in this game and you suck! You're making me lose!" so I shot him dead and then this kid's all like "I'm not an OG, why'd you shoot me? I just got this game." and he's like 16 or something and not the Big Pun on this board which is good because he sucked.

The big pun on this board sucks too and is some little kid, your point?

yo, battlefront = g@y unless ur a fukin star wars freak, i played it for about 10 min and went back to the store to return it!

i played it for about 10 min and went back to the store to return it!

You're missing out. The single player blows a bag of dick, but multi rules. I can find full games any hour of the day, and it just keeps getting better. When your team is ON, it's a beautiful thing.

If you can play Battlefront, why the hell don't you have SoCOM2?

I prefer run-n-gun lunacy, like Quake and Unreal, to military realism, like R6, CS or SOCOM. But, I have been eyeing those lately. So, it's SOCOM2 for you guys? I'll let you know if I pick it up.

yeah, let us know

Can't find it now. I've been to 3 stores and they're all out. My gamestore dude thinks it's being moved to Greatest Hits status. Now, I've got to get it.

I liked playing the first one SP with the headset (no DSL at the time). My GF started to make fun of me, "Willy. Deploy. Saladspinner." "Willy. Go to. Supermarket." "Dork. Go to. Bed."

Only a dork would do that.

Hey, I resemble that remark!