Has the lockdown made you more irritable?

I hate people more than ever.


Corona might be a blessing in disguise. Wipe out weaklings and retard sheep.



Things are starting to open up again where I'm at and while I'm glad it is happening I don't like having other cars using my roads.

yeah lil bit



Me?  No.  Wife?  Oh BOY yeah.   

But chicks in general aren't known for their distress tolerance.   

nah...I've hated people for a long time, already

I'm less irratible, now. 

Traffic is lighter, store are less crowded, and working from home means I have to see fewer retards face-to-face. 

This has been a great year, so far. 


Yes. I already have an issue with being wound way too tightly. This shit has made me a fucking mad man.

I have gotten a little better the last few days though so I am closer to my normal irritable ways instead of the extreme like I was for a long time.

well  wife is home 24-7 so yes

yes, by a lot

Less....im way more baked lol