Has the PFL overtaken Bellator?

Seems like there’s more hype around them in general, with the exception being the LHW tournament in Bellator.

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I have not seen the hype that you are talking about.

Are you talking about the Underground?

Bellator would still be ahead if they were on cable tv & not Showtime IMO.

The PFL tournament format is definately more interesting.

No. Bellator is still the 2nd best then PFL. PFL does a poor job at marketing. If it wasn’t for the UG I would never know when they are on.

  • On a SideNote: I’m speaking on North American promotions.
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No, they’re not even close.

I enjoyed PFL last night more than Bellator tonight… so if that’s your metric, yes.

Otherwise, no.

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The tournament format allows for some pretty cool upsets to happen.

IMO this season of PFL is a huge step up from their previous seasons. I have watched every card from the very first prelim fight to the main event. I am really enjoying the tournament format and the fact that each year they are getting better and better talent. In 5 years or so, their lineup will be stacked.