has the UFC taken Couture out of hall of fame?

since they have tried eliminating him from everything else related to the ufc, does anybody know if they've removed him from their hall of fame?

i just answered my own question, i just looked on ufc.com and he's still in the hof

HOF is more than just records fren

 Randy Couture is the best fighter with the worst record in existance.

 They don't take you out of the HOF.

Right now, Randy is still considered their champion. When Randy leaves the UFC, they will remove all pictures and references from their site.

Who cares about the hall of fame?

I like gladiator movies,

The only thing is that he faught the best! Jeremy Horn and Dan Severn look better on paper and have much better records, but they haven't faught the guys Couture has.

Well, besides chuck lidell...

You also have to remember that Randy spent a lot of time fighting guys a lot bigger than he was.

 he's still the champ too

pretty much every fight randy has ever had in the UFC has been for a title (exceptions mike vanarsdale, steven graham & tony halme - although that WAS a tournament)

also, 3 of those losses weren't even IN the UFC, and i bet whoever's whining about those couldn't name the event those losses were in without going to sherdog. lets not forget, that fluke against vitor from the cut eyelid. so right now, thats 4 of the 8 losses. even the cut eyelid was for a title.

he in the HOF because he only fought champions, and usually won....PERIOD!