Has there ever been 4 days like we just had?

This was the most memorable weekend (4 day stretch) for big time news and events I can recall in my 30 plus years as a die hard fight fan!



- Muhammad Ali Passes (R.I.P. The Greatest and my personal hero for many years)



- UFC 199 is one of the greatest events the UFC has ever put on from top to bottom.

- Marco Polo Reyes and Dong Hyun Kim are a strong early candidate for fight of the year.

- Dan Henderson

- Michael Bisping becomes the first Brit to win UFC glory, and does it in shocking fashion!

- Brock Lesnar's return is announced.

- Ariel Helwani escorted from the event before the main fight, has his credentials revoked for life.

- Francisco Vargas vs Orlando Salido are the very strong early candidate for boxing's fight of the year (a fucking thing of beauty, love those Mexicans!)



- Give a fellow a day to be hungover on the couch and watch some of the best fights ever, over again.



- The passing of a legend in his own right (R.I.P. Kimbo Slice). He forged his own path and he did it admirably, and with class and humility. 

- Ariel reinstated after major backlash from fans and media members alike. An unprecedented display of backpeddaling by the UFC brass.


Ariel and MMA Fighting getting their credentials back was the most important occurrence in the MMA world over the past few days IMO.

That's the first time that I remember Zuffa being put in a position where they were forced to back down from one of their petty strong arm moves. They got raked over the coals in mainstream media outlets in the US and abroad.

This is the double edged sword of the mainstream attention that they were craving. They've got the legitimacy as a sport and the most well-known fighters on the planet. Now they have to conduct themselves like they're running a real professional sporting league.

Ahem Nate Diaz ;)

Damn. Quite a weekend Phone Post 3.0

Agreed, actually

Was thinking about this today. Phone Post 3.0

Conor has a fight scheduled. Phone Post 3.0

Nates new deal Phone Post 3.0

Besides the new deal for Nate him slapping Dana deserves its own mention

Nate signing a new deal is good for him, but it's not something we'll be talking about years from now like everything else on this list. This was a big news weekend for fight fans and each of the things on this list will have a long lasting impact, so for all of that to happen in such a short span of time is crazy! 

GUMBY ? - Conor has a fight scheduled. Phone Post 3.0

Yes, but when I think back through history I remember everything about the night I watched Hagler vs Hearns, but I don't remember the day the scheduled the fight.

And now the news is dead. Nothing new the past two days cause we been spoiled with new over the weekend Phone Post 3.0