Has this ever happened to you?

So I was up early yesterday for work, starting drinking right when I got off, ate non stop until the card started, rented the ppv, then passed out on the couch.

Then I woke up...as my eyes cleared all I could see was Werdum with the belt. I was so pissed, luckily I had it recording but I ruined the main event for myself. My gf watched the whole card by herself and didn't wake me up, although she said she tried. But damn, what a shitty way to wake up, and terrible timing, just wanted to share this unfortunate little story, Phone Post 3.0

I have fallen asleep while watching Bellator on tape and woken up to main event spoilers, haha sucks. Vu Phone Post 3.0

Yeah this happens to me a lot actually. I don't have the attention span I once had Phone Post 3.0

yes i am also an alcoholic.

couple of times a year unfortunately =]