Has tim Kennedy always been a stuck up turd that pats himself on the back any chance he gets?

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Lol I’ve seen that somewhere else. Too funny

Anything new? Lol

That’s fucking funny

In all fairness he should pat himself on his back.

If a lifeguard saved you life and posted pictures of himself saving you I hope you wouldn’t try to get him in trouble

Oh, he does that x10 lol

Maybe we should limit him to 8 pats then.

When I see a combat vet I like to give them a few pats myself

I have saved a few lives as a lifeguard and never did that. I worked with one who did do shit like that and I viewed him as a clown. He would tell stories about people clapping as he swam out like it was some fucking movie.


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I have saved a few lives myself and didn’t look for a single pat. If someone wants 10 pats for being a hero I’ll give him 12