Has tim Kennedy always been a stuck up turd that pats himself on the back any chance he gets?

Not very inclusive of him/her.

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We barely ever saw the cunt. He wasn’t in the same building, our warrant officer and sengo (senior engineer officer) sort of ran shit. The xo was Ill behaved, he was a drunken mate more than an officer. He was fucken funny, and he smoked cigarettes so I used to talk with him a bit in the smoking area. He’s probably been in more trouble than me.

didn’t you tell someone like just yesterday that you wanted his daughter to be raped?

if it wasn’t you my bad but pretty sure most of your posts are negative, at least from my recollection.

this is actually a step up in your posting imo.

Tim seems like he has his heart in the right place… I would definitely buy him a beer to hear more about his war stories

fuck off bulldog…go make another account

lol the erik apple name drop chime in is really
too much

it is 2022 and this is still a thing

thank u for the laughs


It’s so weird how some people idolise forces guys and automatically think they’re the best of humanity. I’d say 90% of the time the opposite is true and they’re broken, shit people. Up until the 80s/90s I’d have still given them respect, but anyone who signs up now knowing the only thing we have to fight is illegal wars, is a bit of a cunt in my opinion.

Go do something productive for you and your own, rather than something productive for the elites you complain about. It’s a fucking sad state that a lot of people have this mindset now. When my friends joined up in ‘95 they were so excited and we were for them. And then Blair happened and one of them came back a completely broken individual, that man changed how we look on the Forces in the UK. As I say, fucking sad


As I mentioned before I know someone who served with Tim and he said he loved him when he wasn’t doing this celeb bs. I was at the gym once and mentioned to Tim that we might have a common friend and mentioned my friend’s name. Seemed to pleasantly catch him off guard that I knew someone he served with.

One time I was walking to the coffee shop and he and another guy I’ve trained with who is a cop saw me and pulled over to the side of the road to say hi and chit chat for a couple seconds. They didn’t have to stop or anything and I’m legitimately surprised he even remembered me.

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guy thinks he’s better. that equals a douche. he has no grasp of how often his words are formed to glorify himself. a real man is silent or self depricating when it comes to the topic of himself.


We could look at GSP & Jon Jones for a perfect example of how to compare a good, humble man. And a cunt


Also inaccurate.
And while the tier system is discontinued, it was also never explained in an open source setting so I’m not going to be the one to explain it.


Isn’t Kennedy an anti-2A fudd?

I don’t know how anyone can listen to him.


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It’s the Hollywood virus. Virtual signal you’re “one of them” so the phone rings. That and don’t talk about scientology to anyone and swallow Harvey’s loads. That’s the guide how to make it in Hollywood. Tim needs to commit himself to scientology and try get some guys pregnant.

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He’s the well regulated militia the founding fathers had in mind.

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In that community, they all know each other

Plus tim has worked for him at different points

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All due respect to your cousin, but I don’t think many operators would have many good things to say about marine force recon either

Ask your cousin what impact Force Recon has had on military operations in the past decade.

Glad we have them but they rarely get the call anymore.

Kennedy seems to enjoy his celebrity but he’s a 18 series and I’m not. I’m not going to question his accolades.


Oh, lookie… resident windbag shows up… tell us about your experience with ‘them,’ bruh… what years was this?.. As Low_Inspector says MARSOC re-orgs along the way have basically made FR not much of a thing anymore, so I guess your experience with them was a longgg time ago? If so, perhaps our paths crossed… tell me about it…

I’ve only known 1 recon marine who was a great guy. I’ve trained with a shit ton of seals though when force recon was going to a lot of controversies. That’s about it. Untwist your panties