Has Trump's comments on McCain sealed his fate?

Speaking your mind is refreashing in politics but some things/thoughts are better left unsaid. Is he trying to lose votes?

Not sure if he was ever trying to win votes Phone Post 3.0

He's trying to win eyes, ears, and mouths. I'd say its working.

Literally came here to ask the same thing. I really can't figure him out. He's either really stupid, or he's doing a master troll job on America. I'm guessing he has advisors coaching him and then he goes and does shit like this thinking he's smarter than them. None the less, he didn't need to make those comments to dissuade me, no chance I would ever vote or support that fucking idiot. Phone Post 3.0

What he is doing is actually pretty smart. He is going against the the politically correct stance that has becoming the norm but a norm that the every day joe hates.

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What did he say?

He said McCain wasn't a war hero because was captured in Vietnam. Phone Post 3.0

Fuck McCain . Worst republican ever. Phone Post 3.0

Trump isn't kissing ass, that's for sure. He is saying what's on his mind, but no good can come from shit talking that particular part of McCains life.

Lol at if he said that Phone Post 3.0

Yes Trump, it was your intellect that got you where you are. Not your hundred million dollar inheritance or the conglomerate of 50 banks that bailed out your dumb ass when you over-extended daddy's company to its breaking point.

And lol at actually saying, "I like the ones who didn't get caught."

Fucking moron.


What a fucktard Trump is

"He tells it like it is" is usually code for a clueless classless idiot. And there's no exception here Phone Post 3.0

The only difference between McCain and Hilary is that he served his country.

His stance on illegal Mexicans is one thing but he loses people when he goes so far as to say he guesses some may be ok haha

He says he wants to be a serious candidate then says something like this. I am not a McCain fan but claiming to support the troops then disparaging a POW makes no sense. Does he not respect guys who got injured and cannot fight anymore also?

I like his non PC attitude but also find him comedic at times,and find him downright stupid at times...

People still think he is really taking this serious, he is getting free publicity. Phone Post 3.0

Although I disagree with his opinion of Mc Cain, I am starting to warm up to the idea of the Donald as Pres. He is slowly becoming the Connor Mac of politics.

Trump is obviously a buffoon but good lord this is entertaining. It's like in Network where they knowingly put that insane guy on TV.

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What did he say?



OP should have quoted what Trump said in the first post!


One of my pet peeves.

N0rman - “I think God helped me by giving me a certain brain,” he said. “I went to a phenomenal school. I was born with a certain intellect that is good for this.”

This statement reminded me of something I read recently.

There was a study released recently that the human brain is actually 10% smaller than it was as recently as 2000 years ago. The theory is that it's because we live in a highly specialized society where people who excel at one or two things do well. They can then pay people to dig their ditches and grow their food. Conversely, 2000 years ago a man had to know how to do EVERYTHING competently.

His intellect is good at building individual wealth and doing real estate deals. That's it. Those are his two things. As POTUS he would be an incompetent nightmare in every other aspect of governing. We'd be in WW3 in about a year with this guy in charge.

Interesting. How did they conclude this?

I'm Catholic and still like some of Trump's positions. Especially on the illegal alien criminal invasion.

He attacked the sacred John McCain "hero" cow, smashing that idol against the rocks of history like a Golden Calf.

Some might even say McCain uses his former POW status as a "Get out of Jail Free" card to avoid the political consequences of his disastrous actions. All I know is that he's the Establishment's man.

What's good for the Establishment has been a disaster for America.

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What a fucktard Trump is

"He tells it like it is" is usually code for a clueless classless idiot. And there's no exception here Phone Post 3.0
Fuck you you politically correct pussy. Feelings hurt?? Phone Post 3.0
lol Phone Post 3.0