has your hand writing gotten sh!ttier?

i tell you, i notice it most when writing in cursive for checks and stuff.

i can't string the letters beautifully together like i used to.

the age of the keyboard further destroys civilization imo.

anybody else here?

 I know, right?

I can't even remember how to right cursive???

i think it was military writing; MSLs, forms, etc so when I went to college everything was block chickenscratch and no kan cursive no moa

handwriting sucked anyway, but worse now :)

when i was a kid and living with my g-parents, my granma made me sit in the kitchen practicing my penmanship. my fuktard brother had nice handwriting and got to watch tv......but he was so stupid! I fukkin missed my CHiPs episodes MUTHAFAKA!!!

flashbacks to jumping dirtpiles and powersliding schwinn bicycle with banana seat while imagining police siren wailing

i also never learned to type, hunt&peck in the mil and later in college as a whaaaat.......journalism/poli sci-minor LMAO i wrote my ass off with h&p and chikenscratch

meatrokket -  I know, right?

goddamn you

KyokushinCatch - nope. back when I was in school (god do I feel old saying that), penmanship was stressed. even though I mostly print when writing today, cursive penmanship's still there.

i swear i thought the same thing, so i took a piece of paper and started to write a letter.

hell if the letters weren't flowing together like they used to. it was sorta a print/cursive atrocity.

game over

meatrokket -  I know, right?

oh brutha

chef kwon do - 
meatrokket -  I know, right?

oh brutha

exactly, RIGHT? (fuck)

Yah, no?

Honolii - Yah, no?

haven't heard that since growing up on kauai no?

the "yah no" term is always used when somebody is correcting you.

dad: son you putting the tent fitting the wrong way

son looks at the fitting for couple seconds

son: laughs and looks at dad and givem the "yah no" i knew dat. lol

meatrokket - I know, right?


My handwriting has always been attrocious as well as my spelling.

Interweb speak and email/texting has not helped that.

my handwriting always sucked.
but it got worse when I was in college and I used to scribble a couple pages of notes per class.
I learned to write fast, but the problem was trying to read it later

i remember reading an article not too long ago saying cursive is becoming a dying alphabet, it seems strictly for signiature purposes only.....

in fact lets take it further, when my dad was in school they had penmenship, we kinda just scratched it when i was in elementary, there wasnt much emphasis on legible handwriting


Sennin -  

I no write......apparently so doesn't he ^^^

It could be because the age of the keyboard or maybe its just your age. My grandpa has pretty bad hand writing too.

I always got terrible grades in writing, but I figure, hell I can type pretty damn fast and can draw pretty much anything on AutoCAD so why do I have to write nice?

i remember going into the 2nd grade i forgot how to write.

everyone else were writing small single line characters while i was still doing double space.

you know the "brown paper" writing?