Hasek is done

Detroit is damn lucky Cujo is such a classy guy, acting like a pro through all the bs.Hasek has "announced" he's done for the season officially but hopes to come back next year.Imagine if Dom was in Cujo's shoes in this case? It would have worked out a lot differently.

Detroit really should just trade his rights away of they can, he might have fucked up the team royally if not for the character of Curtis Joseph.

Well, I wouldn't really say he's acted like a classy guy.

Remember when he "needed" ankle surgery to remove some bone chips as the Wings were actively shopping him around? He seemed to find a pretty strange time to get this surgery done. Everyone knew that it was the type of proceedure that could really be done at any time, it was urgent.

It's business. The Wings are gonna do what they need to do, Cujo is gonna do what he needs to do.


He hasn't popped off in the media, he hasn't complained at all about being sent up and down from the minors as a longtime #1 goalie and NHL'er.He's been bent over repeatedly by the Wings because the ex-wife cme back into town, and the only shot he took was to get surgery he needed anyways.Any team that was gonna get him wants a healthy guy and it was preseason.

Legace has just gotta be shaking his head at all this, especially with Dom talking about coming back next season.Trade em both and keep Manny i say! ;-)

Manny will be the hero this year, just watch.


Hopefully he doesn't get buried under all that high priced veteran 'keeper talent though.Manny might never get his shot the way it's going, he might end up starring for another team.