Haselrig suspended after Ring of Combat No-Show

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                                Haselrig suspended after Ring of Combat No-Show

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Haselrig Suspended After Ring of Combat No-Show

Carlton Haselrig, a former Pro Bowl offensive lineman with the Pittsburgh Steelers, was suspended for 150 days by the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board after he failed to show up for his Ring of Combat 26 bout with Gian Villante on Friday at the Tropicana Resort and Casino.

According to the NJSACB’s Nick Lembo, Haselrig was given a Sept. 9 deadline by which to submit his medical paperwork for the fight. The deadline passed without contact from the 43-year-old or his representatives. Villante went on to knock out Rob Wince, a late replacement, with a head kick 1:25 into the second round.

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Maybe he had a vision like in Final Destination.

funny Kos

Kostakio - Maybe he had a vision like in Final Destination.


I grew up in the same neighborhood as Carlton and his brother.

Let me just say the guy brings shit loads of baggage to the ring.

PS Just read up on his troubled history in the NFL

Kostakio - Maybe he had a vision like in Final Destination.
You just end up dead anyways!

the article is a little unclear, since they also say he was suspended for no-showing the fight itself- but why would he show up for a fight in which he was not medically cleared to compete?

if they suspended him for noshowing on his medical paperwork, i gotta say i find it surprising.

Damn, Haselrig sure isn't making many friends.

Two weeks ago, he left Ironwill hanging when he signed on for this fight. He dropped the Ironwill fight one week before it was supposed to happen, leaving them shit out of luck. Then this goes down..

Guy needs to watch what bridges he burns, he may have already knocked two down.