Haseman Question?

I thought that i had read/heard somewhere something about Chris Haseman working with the Broncos in some capacity? what's his role? thanks!


Hey Corranhorn. He is their tackle and conditioning coach and has been for quite some time.

In the past, members of the Broncos or the Qld
Reds used to have a roll on the wrestling mats at
the Police Academy at Oxley with Chris Haseman,
and sometimes, Bill "The Bear" Turner. I think that
it was as a part of the tackle "conditioning" training.

It was pretty interesting to watch some of the
games youngest, fittest and strongest players get
absolutely schooled on the mats by the Bear. (30
years their senior). Many of them were well known
and national level players. Plenty of them would be
blue in the face with exertion and stress, while
Chris would be calmly instructing them whilst
rolling with them almost without breaking a sweat.

I can recall the Bear rolling about on the mats in
the Academy gymnasium with Mal Meninga (not a
small man by any accounts!) who was in his
athletic prime, and was a physical skills instructor
at the time during the 1980's....Poor Mal was
reduced to a quivering mess after a 5 minute roll
with the grappling master.

Chris is also a great conditioning coach - I've seen
him in action with the Police Recruits at the
Academy and trust me - you don't want to be on the
end of a Haseman burnout session without
checking you health insurance coverage first!

LOL, that's info, thanks very much guys, appreciated!