Hate all you want, but Gordon Ryan is the most dominant and exciting combat sport athlete today

Sorry mma fans, but the baddest man on the planet isn’t a boxer or mma fighter anymore. Get used to it and tune in to see him wreck brasil’s greatest champion on sunday, august 7 at 7:30 pm on Flo or stream for the poors.


His political views prevent me from ever rooting for him.

Until we see him get punched in the face we don’t really know how bad ass he is. Great grapplers turn to shit when smacked many times.


VTCO changing up the troll angle again. And so soon!


I’m not big into BJJ competition, but since Ryan was affiliated with Danaher, I started following his career a bit. He’s definitely got serious skill.


He has nothing on Ricky B. Ryan grew up on the mat, but Ricky B was born on the ground; he thrives on it.

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A. What are they?
B. who gives a shit.

The great state of New Jersey is home to some serious talent and some topGOAT contenders in their respective sports

Off the top of my head

Gordon ryan
Mike trout
Jordan burroughs
Carl lewis


Not really. The superior fighter is the superior fighter, its just a matter of a universal ruleset, and a no time limit submission is literally a fight to the death which is about as simple a universal a ruleset as can exist. Adding minor complexities to that ruleset doesnt change the fundamental result.

218 lbs is super-heavy div???

I have only seen a couple of his matches, but in both he immediately flopped to his ass when the match started. That won’t get him very far at all in MMA. If he is capable of taking people down…why doesn’t he at least try? He damn well better give up the butt scoot, which seems to be his main strategy, and get better at take-downs. His superb BJJ won’t do much for him, unless he can take his opponent down, at least in MMA.

I think he is a few actual fights away from being considered for the baddest man on the planet. On the street, a guy with not much training would kick his head off, if he dropped to his ass straight away. He is perhaps the best BJJ practitioner in the world, but that has fuck all to do with being the “baddest man on the planet”


We’re not talking about mma, its no time limit submission fighting, a life or death combat ruleset. And yeah, you havent seen enough of his matches.


Toughest battle will be against USADA.


He does this to get people to engage with him. He will give up a dominant position just to get the action going. He has begged for competition the last couple of years and other top tier BJJ guys have avoided him.


Being superior at a specific sport, with very specific rules, does not equal being the superior fighter in anything but that specific sport. BJJ is not a fight, and it damn sure is not “literally a death match” Jesus. Adding striking is also not a “minor” change. That minor change makes is a huge fucking difference. His butt scooting would have to go for him to have any chance at all.


How many folks have died in these sport BJJ “death matches”? There should be one from every match.

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[quote=“Dryfly, post:15, topic:3744141, full:true”]
Being superior at a specific sport, with very specific rules, does not equal being the superior fighter in anything but that specific sport. [/quote]

Ok, and what specific sport better represents a fight to the finish than no limit?

I got you fam


A no time limit, no stand ups NHB fight.
But you already damn well knew the answer to that.

That said, Gordon Ryan is an absolute monster.

Take this gay spandex wrestling shit to the BJJ Ground.