Hate all you want, but Gordon Ryan is the most dominant and exciting combat sport athlete today

I’m sure he had something going on, but you don’t gain all that weight if you can’t eat. Especially when training every day.

I 100% agree that the sport isn’t exciting. I love watching it, but getting a casual to sit down and watch two guys grapple for 30 minutes and it might be a draw is not gonna happen.


When he was on JRE he said he was down a fair bit of weight and not training much due to not being able to eat.

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Tonon is exciting. Gordon Ryan isn’t.

I also think his stomach problems are exaggerated. In a recent video on his Pena rematch he described his issues as debilitating. They clearly are not.

Yeah, I’ll agree with that. Also, isn’t he still only like 26 or 27?

Looked it up. 27. Crazy he is at the top of the game so young and took like 2 years off.

A wild Gabi Garcia appears!

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Exactly. If you showed Gordon Ryan vs. Pena 1 and 2 or Gordon vs Keenan where it took over an hour, most casual fans would be put off by the lack of action. This is why I said that I find Mica Galvao more exciting because his matches are. The more skilled and tactical matches doesn’t always translate into exciting ones.

Don’t get me wrong, this upcoming match is very interesting but I won’t be buying it. Why? Because I have no dog in the fight, I don’t really care either way who wins. I actually agree with Gordon’s political views but I’m not a fan of the bully act that he puts on so whatever… I respect his game obviously but no skin off my back if he loses.

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You’re Brazilian?

No, Canadian. I have no national allegiance to either guy, I like both guys as grapplers, am slightly rooting for Gordon but I don’t have enough of an emotional interest to sub to Flo just for this match. Gordon is always bragging about how much money he makes so why should I help to make him richer?

screen name bet?

I got Gordon by whatever he wants

Are you aware that Gordon lost to Pena twice already? Stick around kid, you have a lot of learning and seasoning to go through before you can truly appreciate the spirit of combat arts. It really does take budo to acknowledge martial arts on a deeper level.

Well what’s 10-1 odds with screen names

I actually think Gordon wins but I really really hope Peña hits the same back take as the last two time and gets the RNC .

When did I deny Gordon’s previous losses? If Gordon was humbled by Pena twice already, why is he acting like a jackass? I appreciate Gordon’s skill, I don’t appreciate his antics.

And why do you keep assuming that I’m new to the sport when I started BJJ in 2005? Not everyone who knows about the sport need to hug his nuts.

[quote=“EVspinner, post:114, topic:3744141”]
why is he acting like a jackass? And why do you keep assuming that I’m new to the sport when I started BJJ in 2005? [/quote]

Because you broke the one rule of this forum. If you think he’s a jackass, and you train but you only talk shit online, well, that’s because of no budo.

Because you don’t have to be a fan of everybody? Some people like Gordon, Andre Galvao, Pena etc. some don’t. Who gives a shit? It’s not like I’m personally attacking him on Instagram.

All I said was that he’s not that exciting a grappler and that he acts like a jackass which he does. Where is the budo there when you constantly trash-talk your opponents?

I’m sure he’ll be fine and continue to make his millions without me hanging off his nuts.

You give me one year control of your name ill give you 10 years control of mine

I offered an option for less moneyed folk as yourself, streams for the poors. Dont miss the chance to learn something.


I get it, you’re playing the GR persoona…

We are foreshadowing the upcoming matchup, I’m slapping you around much like Gordon is going to wipe the mat with Pena when they fight.

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