Hate all you want, but Gordon Ryan is the most dominant and exciting combat sport athlete today

Ya, I got it a little bit late. Now I’m going to have to really root for Pena.

The way I see it, GR has more pressure on him to win. There is no redemption if he loses a 3rd time and after all the shit-talking that he’s done.

Gordon may be the better grappler but sometimes someone just has your number.


LIVE press conference, Gordon and Pena up now:

Gordon was off it seemed like I’m the conference. Wonder if pressure or emotions are getting to him. This might change things!

Jacob Couch seems like such a chill, funny, respectful dude. So does J Rod, for that matter.

I think Gordon is going to try to constantly engage while Felipe tries to stall out the action.

What gave you that impression? He’s a super awkward dude in real life. I’ve had entire conversations with him where he barely looks you in the eye. It’s just how he is.


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Sure bro . You haven’t even been a member for ten years lol but I’ll do your bet

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Maybe you just intimidated him.

He seems completely humourless.

Was going to sign up for a month but Flo only offers a year subscription? Fuck that, not going to pay $150 mainly for this event.

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I thought he’s had a couple fights in one? Mma that is

Peña isn’t losing today . He’s getting this sub for Leandro Lo

That could be the x factor tonight.

I think it is , he had a pair on instagram. I feel like this will be used as motivation for tonight . Will it be enough ? We’ll see soon enough

It could make the difference in a key clutch moment, but no need to speculate further - we will see soon.

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Gonna download the show tomorrow from a certain tracker. Until then, will stay off here to not be spoiled with the result. I hope Gordon loses!

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Oh shit that was fast. Unfuckingreal. Wow.

Just joshing, its delayed to 8:10

Got me lol . I was like wtf is @RenatoCocopreta talking about . Looking at commercials waiting for this thing

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“GordonByArmbar” will be your new name.