Hate all you want, but Gordon Ryan is the most dominant and exciting combat sport athlete today

“PeñasPetPoof” is going to be yours my dude

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Can you pm me how to do this?

Athletes this small dont even seem human. Spider monkey vibes.


Yeah . He did . You win

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Damn. I coulda won $10. :wink:

I do hope Pena gets his head together after this and they rematch.

No one can get offense on gordon. They can just stall and run and play the rules.
Gordon is as far ahead in BJJ as Wayne Gretzky was of hockey in the 1980’s.

Yeah you could have . You just didn’t have the jam to go through with it

No he isn’t.

That he’s the most dominant is not open for dispute. Sry

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Just watched the highlights. Pena quit and I heard he made some excuses re: Leandro Lo (RIP). Not a fan of that, he should lose like a man, get tapped to the inevitable submission.

Gordon Ryan is King, the only guy left in his path is Andre Galvao.


@Kirik @Chris @TopMen

This man needs a name change

He has to email Kirik@MMA.tv please.


It was a total domination by Ryan. I think the guy is a bit of a douche, but he’s earned the right to be if he chooses. He’s damn good at what he does.

Gordon is really good at aggressive snuggling but one punch to his suck hole and he will be laying down just like Marcelo

Marcelo lost via a cut while on his opponent’s back . You obviously have never watched the match


Congrats, you win dumbest post of the thread.